Why did Jacques leave Love Island 2022? Why he left villa after Adam Collard row - what happens to Paige

The Cumbria rugby lad has waved goodbye to Love Island after the shock arrival of ex-islander Adam Collard rocked the villa

Jacques O’Neill has quit Love Island 2022.

The Cumbrian Rugby League star has caused all sorts of drama in the Majorca villa in the past week, only just being let out of the Doghouse on last night’s episode.

Things looked to be on the straight and narrow for him after reuniting with his partner, but in a shock decision, he has now decided to quit the show.

But why has he left, what has been said and what happened during his Love Island journey?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Jacques O’Neill has quit the Love Island villa - just one day after making amends with his partner Paige. (Credit: ITV)


Why did Jacques quit Love Island 2022?

In a statment from ITV, Love Island bosses explained that Jacques has now left the villa.

A Love Island spokesperson said: “Jacques has made the decision to leave the Villa. He will explain his reasons to the Islanders during tonight’s episode. We fully support his decision and look forward to seeing what’s next for Jacques.”

While there are no details over why Jacques has decided to leave just yet, the preivew for tonight’s episode shows an explosive argument forming between him and returning Bombshell Adam Collard.

Adam, who was originally in the show four years ago, made his return to Love Island on last night’s episode and made a beeline straight for Jacques’ partner Paige.

Adam was interested in getting to know Paige first. (Credit: ITV)


While the boys were out of the villa, Adam pulled Paige aside for a chat and sparks were flying between the two, with Jacques none the wiser.

During their conversation Adam told Paige that he was more mature and grown up than Jacques and was tempting her to turn her head twoards him.

The episode ended as the boys returned to the villa, with tonight’s episode promising to give all the drama.

We then saw Jacques react badly after being told what Adam had said about him, and went straight to his partner for answers.

While his anger appeared to bubble over throughout the night, he went to bed without any major kick-offs, as many had predicted from the preview.

The next morning, he woke up and spoke with Paige once again, telling her that he had made the decision to leave without her.


He told his fellow contestants that he hadn’t been feeling like himself lately and felt that leaving the villa would allow him to get back to being Jacques once again.

Tears ensued - not only from Paige but from best pal Luca - as he packed his bags and left.

What happens to Paige now Jacques has left Love Island?

As Jacques chose to leave without Paige, she has been left single in the villa.

Although she will become technically a single islander, Jacques told her that he would wait for her on the outside and pick her up at the airport after she leaves the villa.

This situation may be confusing, as Paige will need to eventually couple up with another islander in order to progress any further in the show.


The only other single islander in the villa is Adam - could Paige be forced to couple up with Adam to continue? Or will she willingly move on from her summer romance with Jacques?

Who was Jacques coupled up with?

Jacques had recently reunited with 24-year-old Welsh paramedic Paige Thorne, after being cast out for his Casa Amor antics.

The pair had been coupled up since day 12, having only “split” once after fellow contestant Jay decided to couple up with Paige. Although, the pair made clear to Jay that they were still in a de facto couple during this period.

Everything had looked good for the young couple, however disaster struck after the girls were whisked away to Casa Amor on day 24.

Paige decided to stay loyal to her coupling, however Jacques got ahead of himself and cracked on with two girls - Mollie and Cheyanne.


He soon dropped Mollie and turned his full attention to Cheyanne. The pair had shared kisses, slept in bed together and had close moments in the pool while Paige was out of the villa.

Jacques was getting on very well with Cheyanne after Paige left for Casa Amor. (Credit: ITV)

But at the recoupling he made the decision to stick with Paige. His partner was beaming when she returned and saw Jacques standing alone, but her happiness was short-lived after Cheyanne was asked if she had expected to be picked by anyone.

After she divulged some of the information to the Islanders at the end of the Casa Amor recoupling ceremony, Paige was left reeling and it cause huge tension between her and Jacques.

Jacques was relegated to the Doghouse bed for at least two nights before making moves to apologies to Paige for his actions.

Jacques and Paige reconciled less than 24 hours before Adam Collard re-entered the villa. (Credit: ITV)


After handwritten notes and heartfelt speeches, Paige eventually took Jacques back - less than 24 hours before Adam returned to the villa.

After speaking to Adam, paige told the Beach Hut that she could be interested, and used Jacques “we’re single” line to get back at her partner’s former actions.

What was Jacques Love Island journey like?

Jacques was the first bombshell islander to enter the villa, having made his entrance on day seven.

He is the ex-boyfriend of fellow islander Gemma Owen, and was originally brought in to cause some drama between her and partner Luca.

However, Jacques and Gemma were amicable for the most part, with Jacques even becoming good friends with Luca over his Love Island experience.


Jacques (middle) had made good friends with Luca (left) and the boys during his time in the villa. (Credit: ITV)

His sights were firmly set on Paige and viewers saw as he began to open up to her during heart-to-hearts on the stairs at night and as they were sent to the Hideaway together.

While the pair occasionally bickered over things such as Jacques’ heart rate being raised most by ex Gemma in the heart rate challenge, they always found their way back on track.

The biggest hurdle so far had been the Casa Amor week and the revealtion of Jacques’ antics while Paige was away. They soon reconciled but could Adam’s interest in Paige be what broke the camel’s back for Jacques?

When is Love Island next on TV?


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