When is Stranger Things out? Season 4 volume 2 release time, how many episodes are there, is there a series 5?

The final episodes of Stranger Things season four are being released as two feature-length instalments that will see and epic final showdown

After an seemingly endless three year wait for season four of Stranger Things to be released on Netflix, fans then had another month-long wait to endure between episode seven and the final two episodes in the season.

The first part of season four came out in one block on 27 May, and even though each episode was longer than an hour, many fans had binged the series in a matter of days.

And then the long wait for the release of the two suprersized episodes of the supernatural sci-fi show began. But now it is finally time to return to the Upside Down once again.

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in Stranger Things

When is season 4 part 2 of Stranger Things out?

Stranger Things season 4 part 2 will be released on Netflix on 1 July, five weeks after part one dropped.

Part two is made up of two extended episodes, the first of which is 1 hour 25 minutes in length, and the second which clocks in at a whopping 2 and a half hours.

Episode eight is called Papa, and sees the gang gather their supplies and prepare for an epic battle. The final episode of season four, called The Piggback will follow the gang into the breach as they fight to save Hawkins, and the world itself.

What happened in season 4 part 1?

*Spoilers ahead*

In season four we learn about Eleven’s past and how she massacred the fellow children who had bullied her when she lived in the lab.

Vecna, another beasty from the Upside Dimension comes to town and begins to wreak havoc, killing cheerleader Chrissy and Hawkins student Fred.

Victor Creel, who was locked up in Pennhurst Mental Hospital came under suspicion for the murders as the victims were mutilated in the same way as his family, he had been accused of killing.

Freddy Krueger actor Robert Englund plays Victor Creel

Eventually it became clear that Creel was innocent and was himself a victim of Vecna.

Meanwhile, Hopper has escaped from his Russian prison but was sold out recaptured, ready to be fed to the Demogorgon.

Hopper is eventually rescued from such a fate, while back in America the gang continue to deal with Vecna and search for a way to close down the gateway to the Upside Down dimension once more.

Eleven is temporarily able to regain her powers by revisiting past trauma.

Vecna is a creepy demon from the Upside Down dimension

In the final episode of season 4 it is revealed that Victor Creel’s son, Henry, had special powers himself and killed his sister and mother before falling into a coma.

Henry woke in Hawkins Lab at the same time that Eleven was there - the pair eventually fought, and Henry broke through to the Upside Down dimension where he became Vecna.

Will there be a season 5 of Stranger Things?

Yes, show creators the Duffer brothers confirmed that after season four part two Stranger Things would return for a fifth and final season.

It will be a long wait yet for season five, as filming has not yet started. Season four was released eight months after filming wrapped, so if production for season five gets off the ground this year, a release in late 2023 would be likely.

The Duffer brothers also discussed a Stranger Things spinoff series which would take place in the same universe but focus on different characters.

It is unlikely that a spinoff series will be released before season five is out, so a release some time in 2024 or 2025 is possible.