Without Sin: ITVX release date, trailer, and cast with Vicky McClure and Johnny Harris

Vicky McClure stars as Stella Tomlinson, a grieving mother brought face to face with the man who killed her daughter in ITVX’s new thriller Without Sin

Without Sin, a new four-part psychological thriller, will arrive on ITVX on Thursday 28 December.

The series, which is set to star Vicky McClure and Johnny Harris, follows the relationship between a grieving mother and the man she believes killed her daughter.

Here’s everything you need to know about Without Sin.

What’s it about?

Without Sin is a four-part psychological drama about a woman called Stella Tomlinson, whose teenage daughter was murdered three years prior. Estranged from friends and family and still grieving, she starts to meet with the man that killed her daughter – who reaches out to offer an apology.

The official ITVX synopsis for Without Sin goes on to explain that “wracked with guilt and remorse at the events of that night, she chooses to live a nocturnal existence as an Uber driver. She is estranged from husband Paul, who still lives in the family home. When contacted by Restorative Justice, and in an attempt to move on, Stella and Paul reunite to listen to a taped recording of Charles, who they believe wants to atone for his sins and apologise for murdering their daughter.”

“Stella agrees to visit the prison alongside a Restorative Justice Mediator and come face to face with her daughter’s killer. But nothing could prepare her for what Charles has to say next…”

Who stars in Without Sin?

Vicky Mcclure as Stella Tomlinson with Johnny Harris as Charles Stone in Without Sin (Credit: ITVX)
Vicky Mcclure as Stella Tomlinson with Johnny Harris as Charles Stone in Without Sin (Credit: ITVX)
Vicky Mcclure as Stella Tomlinson with Johnny Harris as Charles Stone in Without Sin (Credit: ITVX)

Vicky McClure plays Stella Tomlinson, still grieving her teenage daughter three years later. McClure is now best known for playing Kate Fleming in the BBC crime drama Line of Duty, though you might also recognise her from bomb disposal thriller Trigger Point, Shane Meadows’ This is England, and crime drama Broadchurch.

Johnny Harris plays Charles Stone, the man believed to have killed Stella’s daughter Maisy. Harris has appeared in true crime drama The Salisbury Poisonings, period drama Medici, and mythological epic Troy: Fall of a City. He also starred in This is England alongside McClure, with Without Sin uniting them on screen for the first time in years.

Who writes and directs?

Frances Poletti, a first-time screenwriter, created and wrote all four episodes of Without Sin. The series was directed by Al McKay, who has previously worked on Cobra, Humans, and Banana.

Is there a trailer?

Yes, there is! You can watch it right here.

When and how can I watch it?

Without Sin will be available to watch as a boxset on ITVX from Thursday 28 December.

ITVX shows will be exclusively available online for a period of six to nine months, before then getting a traditional broadcast on ITV1.

How many episodes are there?

There are four episodes to Without Sin, each of which are around 50 minutes long.

What else is available on ITVX?

ITVX is launching with four new shows immediately: espionage drama A Spy Among Friends, novel adaptation The Confessions of Frannie Langton, YA drama Tell Me Everything, and a feature-length finale to historical comedy Plebs.

In the coming weeks, there are set to be new drama premiers every week, with true crime drama Litvinenko, Vicky McClure thriller Without Sin, and the Succession-esque Riches all arriving across December. ITVX is also set to have a host of ITV archive content, as well as offering exclusive access to hit US shows - you can find a full list of what’s available here.

Why should I watch Without Sin?

It’s one to watch if you’re a fan of Vicky McClure, and want to see her in a more grounded role – Without Sin looks like it’ll represent a bit of a departure from her more recent police detective roles.