Who is Duke of Edinburgh now? Which member of royal family has taken title from Charles after Queen’s death

King Charles III will decide whether to keep the title or pass it on to a member of the royal family

King Charles III is the new British monarch following the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth reigned for 70 years, making her the longest serving monarch in British history and the second longest serving monarch in the world.

The Queen’s death has resulted in a series of changes in the royal family. But who will inherit the title of Duke of Edinburgh following the death of Queen Elizabeth II?

King Charles III is currently the Duke of Edinburgh (Getty Images)

Who will become the Duke of Edinburgh?

The decision on who inherits the title of Duke of Edinburgh will lie with Charles, the new king.

King Charles currently holds the title of Duke of Edinburgh and inherited it from his father Prince Phillip. Now that Charles has become King the title has merged with the crown. This gives him the final say on whether to keep the title for himself or pass it on to another member of the royal family.

Philip acted as Duke of Edinburgh from 1947 until his death in 2021 and it is believed that Phillip wanted his youngest son, Edward to inherit the title when Charles became king.

Buckingham Palace released a statement in 1999 which said: “The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince of Wales have also agreed that Prince Edward should be given the dukedom of Edinburgh in due course when the present title now held by Prince Philip eventually reverts to the crown.”

If Edward becomes Duke of Edinburgh, his wife Sophie will become the Duchess of Edinburgh, a title which was previously held by the Queen.

Who has previously been the Duke of Edinburgh?

The Duke of Edinburgh, which is named after the Scottish capital, is a title which was formed by the British royal family in 1726.

In total five people have held the title of Duke of Edinburgh these are:

  • Prince Frederick: 1726-1751
  • Prince George: 1751-1760
  • Prince Alfred: 1866-1900
  • Prince Philip: 1947-2021
  • Prince Charles: 2021-Present

Who is Prince Edward?

Prince Edward, is the youngest child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip. He is currently 13th in line of succession to the British throne.

Prince Edward studied history at the University of Cambridge and worked as a theatre production assistant at the Reality Useful Theatre Company after graduating from University. He later formed his own company named Ardent Productions.

Since 2002 Edward has worked full time for the royal family and works with over 70 different charities and organisations. His charity work mainly focuses on the arts and athletics. He is best known for his development of the Duke of Edinburgh Award which focuses on fitness, well being and community service.