Channel 4 shelve comedian Frankie Boyle’s show about the royals after Queen’s death

‘Frankie Boyle: Monarchy’ was set to be the comedian’s first show on Channel 4 in a decade

Frankie Boyle has complained about having his upcoming show scrapped following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Scottish comedian, 50, was making a comedy documentary for Channel 4 that seeked to ridicule the Royal family by examining its history and its potential future.

But in light of recent events the broadcaster has chosen to shelve the project.

Frankie Boyle has shared his frustration with his new show being shelved (Pic:Getty)

‘Frankie Boyle: Monarchy’ was set to be the controversial comedian’s first show for Channel 4 in a decade, and the next chapter in Boyle’s infamous digs against the monarchy.

Boyle shared a tweet a couple days after news broke that Queen Elizabeth had passed away at Balmoral Castle at the age of 96.

“Let’s spare a thought for everyone who was just putting the finishing touches to a humorous documentary about the monarchy,” he wrote.

Frankie Boyle recently performed at the Latitude Festival (Pic:Getty)

Frankie Boyle has often sparked outrage with his comments about the Royal Family.

Conservative MP David Davis described his appearance on Mock the Week in 2008 as “disgracefully foul”, however Boyle continued to “make fun” of the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

When the Queen was hospitalised in 2013, the BBC had to cut some of Boyle’s lines from a Comic Relief gig.

Boyle joked: “I wish she’d died - because they wouldn’t have been able to tell anyone.”

Frankie Boyle had some of his lines cut from the 2013 Comic Relief show (Pic:Getty)

As the nation continues to mourn Queen Elizabeth following the state funeral on Monday (19 September), Frankie Boyle has tweeted a series of jokes about grieving King Charles.

Boyle tweeted: “Charles seems emotional because he’s thinking about how much less fuss there’ll be when he dies, later in the year.

“If he goes in the middle of the World Cup, he might not even make the news.”

King Charles is spending a week in private mourning for his late mother Queen Elizabeth (Pic:Getty)

‘Frankie Boyle: Monarchy’ was commissioned last month as part of Channel 4’s new “disruptive” list of programming which celebrated its 40th anniversary.

In addition to Boyle’s documentary, the broadcaster had plans to create a musical about Prince Andrew.

When the new shows were announced Channel 4’s Ian Katz said: “This season shows that Channel 4 is still as mischievous, disruptive and distinctive as when it was born 40 years ago.

Prince Andrew has been a visible presence at the events involving the Queen’s coffin (image: AFP/Getty Images)

“Instead of a nostalgia-thon of highlights from the last four decades, we are celebrating with a collection of irreverent, thought-provoking and hugely entertaining shows that no other broadcaster would air.”

Now, according to the Daily Mail, a Channel 4 spokesperson told Richard Eden that they were reviewing schedules in the aftermath of the Queen’s death and would announce any changes.