Kate Middleton wore pearl necklace that belonged to Queen Elizabeth II to funeral in sentimental tribute

Kate Middleton’s late mother-in-law Princess Diana also wore the Queen’s pearl necklace to an event in 1982

Kate Middleton was among the crowds at Westminster Abbey mourning Queen Elizabeth II at the state funeral on Monday (19 September).

The Princess of Wales, 40, looked gorgeous in a refined black dress and fascinator, as she was joined by her husband Prince William and children Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Princess Catherine was close to the late Queen before her passing at the age of 96 at Balmoral Castle, especially as she is preparing for her future as Queen Consort.

Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton had a close relationship (Pic:GettY)

Kate, who first met Her Majesty in 2008 at Prince William’s cousin Peter Phillips’ wedding, made one final tribute to the longest reigning monarch in British history at her funeral.

Alongside her fitted outfit, Kate accessorised with a Japanese pearl choker necklace that has a central diamond pendant and Bahrain pearl drop earrings which have a long history with the Royal Family.

The pearl accessories once belonged to Queen Elizabeth II herself, who commissioned the necklace to be made by the official Crown Jeweller Garrard, after receiving the jewels from the Japanese Government in 1970.

Kate wore a pearl necklace and earrings to the Queen’s state funeral (Pic:Getty)

The jewellery was first loaned to Kate in 2017 for the Diamond Jubilee between Prince Philip and Her Majesty.

The Princess then re-wore the Japanese four line necklace to the late Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral in 2021, which took place in St George’s Cathedral in Windsor Castle under Covid restrictions - the same location where the Queen will be laid to rest.

Royals wearing pearls at a funeral has been made a tradition since Queen Victoria initially wore them to mark the death of her beloved Prince Albert in 1861.

Queen Elizabeth often wore pearls throughout her 70-year-reign (Pic:Getty)

Celebrity fashion expert Miranda Holder said: “It is tradition to wear colourless jewellery when in mourning and Queen Victoria took this rule even further by wearing only pearls, believing that they represented tears.

“Throughout Elizabeth II’s reign, pearls were the jewellery of choice to wear on many occasions. She adored pearls and owned several necklaces, one being a gift from her late father - King George VI.

“It was therefore beautifully fitting for Her Majesty’s funeral on Monday that Princess Kate should wear a pearl choker, which was reportedly a favourite of the Queen.”

Kate wore the Queen’s jewellery to Her Majesty’s funeral (Pic:Getty)

Miranda added: “The choker was on long term loan to the Princess when the Queen passed away, and had also previously been loaned to her late Mother in Law, Diana, proving that fashion, just like Royal titles, eventually comes full circle - a small comfort to us all.”

Fans of the monarchy would have noticed that the pearl and diamond choker were previously worn by then Princess of Wales, Diana, who borrowed the Queen’s piece of jewellery for a banquet in 1982 for Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

Princess Catherine continues to pay tribute to her late mother-in-law as well as the Queen, as she inherited Diana’s sapphire engagement ring that Garrard made for the previous Prince and Princess of Wales.