Margot Robbie admits she was ‘mortified’ by leaked photos from Barbie movie with Ryan Gosling

Margot Robbie stars as Barbie in Greta Gerwig’s next venture alongside Ryan Gosling, Emma Mackey and Will Ferrell

Margot Robbie has admitted she was “mortified” when pictures were leaked online from her upcoming Barbie movie with co-star Ryan Gosling.

The Australian actress, 32, discussed the viral images during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, while promoting another of her movies, comedic thriller Amsterdam.

Paparazzi photos were released of Margot and Ryan in bright 80’s inspired roller-skating outfits while they shot in Los Angeles for the first live-action film of the Barbie franchise.

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling star as the titular characters in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie (pic:Getty)

The pair star as the title characters Barbie and Ken, alongside a stellar cast including Will Ferrell, Emma Mackey, Nicola Coughlan and America Ferrera.

However, unlike Barbie living in her own world, according to Margot filming in public was “the most humiliating” time.


Margot said: “I can’t tell you how mortified we were…We look like we’re laughing, having fun, but we’re dying on the inside. I was like ‘this is the most humiliating moment of my life.’

Although they seemed to be laughing Margot Robbie revealed how ‘mortified’ she was filming Barbie in public (Pic:Getty)

“I knew once you are doing exteriors [in LA], you are going to get papped - we stand out a little bit in those outfits, so I knew we were going to be a little bit of attention, and probably some photos would get out there, but not like it did.”

Margot continued that around 100 people gathered to watch the Hollywood actors roller skate along the LA boardwalks for Greta Gerwig’s latest film, which is set to be released in July 2023.

Greta Gerwig has been nominated for three Oscars, including her work for Little Women and Lady Bird and continues to put females at the forefront of movies and plots with making the Mattel plastic doll come to life.


Margot Robbie with Greta Gerwig (Pic:Getty)

The Harley Quinn actress was officially cast as Barbie back in 2019 but was in talks with the leading female director from 2017 about the role.

Margot told Harper’s Bazaar: “I didn’t want to pick up another script where I was the wife or girlfriend - just a catalyst for the male storyline. It was uninspiring.”

However, according to the synopsis and casting announcements, Margot is not the only Barbie cast for the film as Sex Education’s Emma Mackey and three other actresses will portray the bright blonde Mattel doll. Likewise, Ken will also be played by Marvel’s Simu Liu in addition to Gosling.

Simu Liu will also play Ken alongside Ryan Gosling in the upcoming Barbie film (Pic:Getty)

The Shang-Chi actor told The Independent that to prepare for the role he waxed his entire body to embody the figurine.


He said: “Waxing has been an education to say the least, [it is] one of the most painful experiences of my life. I have such a newfound admiration for the incredibly brave women who go through this on a monthly basis.”

You can watch Margot Robbie as Barbie from 21 July 2023.