Queen Elizabeth II’s life in style - including a banquet in Jamaica and first time at London Fashion Week

Over the last 96 years, the Queen’s classic sense of style has influenced people across the world

Buckingham Palace announced the tragic death of Queen Elizabeth II, after doctors became “concerned” for her health yesterday.

Over the last 96 years, the Royal became a role model as she demonstrated her ability to connect with people of all cultures, while demonstrating class and elegance by dressing appropriately in every given situation.

The Queen didn’t shy away from wearing bold blocks of colour, dazzling accessories or setting trends with her heirloom brooches.

Dolce & Gabbana once used the Queen as a “muse” for a collection, while Donatella Versace previously gushed about a desire to dress the monarch because “she is the most fashionable person.”

Court dressers Norman Hartnell and Hardy Amies defined the Queen’s early years on the throne, however her close companion Angela Kelly often took the lead in styling her for key occasions in recent years -  including the Diamond Jubilee.

Having had a regal appearance from her childhood, Queen Elizabeth II has countless iconic looks.

Celebrity fashion stylist Ellis Ranson picked out a selection of her most memorable.

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