Robbie Williams says he’s going to ‘embrace’ his hair loss as doctors refuse to give him a hair transplant

Having experienced hair loss since 2013, Robbie Williams has now decided to “embrace” the condition after being refused a transplant

Robbie Williams has admitted he is “embracing” losing his hair after trying multiple medical treatments to save it without any success.

The singer, 48, who has been experiencing hair loss since 2013, explained to listeners of the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show that many solutions are ‘unsuitable’ for his hair.

Robbie said: “It’s getting thinner and thinner. No one will give me a thatch job [hair transplant] because they say my hair is too thin.

“I can’t take any pills because they depress me. I’m just going to have to embrace Robbie Williams losing his hair.

“We’ve both lived long enough to see me losing my hair”

The singer had a transplant in 2013, and a second transplant in 2020, before being informed that his hair is now too ‘thin’ for the procedure.

Robbie previously told The Sun that he went for multiple hair loss injections, however none of them were successful.

Robbie Williams said: “I went to go and have a thatch, but the guy goes, ‘Bad news, your hair is so thin we cannot harvest it from there. It will do nothing’.

“So I had these injections. They were an absolute fortune, two vials of this stuff. It cost the same price as my grandma’s house.

“And they put these vials in and said in five months, your hair will grow back much thicker.

“Nothing has happened. We are now seven months in and nothing has happened. You cannot tell.”

In the UK alone, approximately two out of every three men will face baldness.

The NHS can’t offer most treatments that can help with hair loss as expenses are too high, but instead offer patients wigs, light and steroid injections.

They admit that no treatment is ‘100% effective.’

  • Robbie is 48 years old and lives in Los Angeles
  • Before singing, he attended St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy
  • His first hit was 1992’s ‘Could It Be Magic’ with Take That
  • He is married to Ayda Field
  • His net worth is worth $300 million (around £247 million)

Robbie Williams


Robbie Williams was born in Stoke-on-Trent on 13th February 1974. He attended St Margaret Ward Catholic School in Tunstall, and was known to be mischievous and as a result, ended up failing his G.C.S.E’s.

Without G.C.S.E’s, Robbie felt like he was out of options and decided to be a salesman, despite dreaming of becoming a big performer.

At age 16, he joined Take That after his mother saw an advertisement seeking members for a boy band. He soon developed a close relationship with members including Gary Barlow and Nigel Martin-Smith.

However by 1995, Robbie began to battle a drug addiction and fell out with the band over losing structure and increasing belligerent behaviour.

Robbie wanted to start his solo career, but had a contract tied to Take That until they officially disbanded.

He eventually signed a deal with ‘Chrysalis Records’ and had a strong start to his solo career after releasing a cover of George Micheal’s “Freedom”.

In 1997, Robbie released the album ‘Life Thru a Lens’ which featured the now iconic hit “Angels”, which remains as his best seller in the UK to this day.

His Relationships: May 2006, Williams started dating American actress Ayda Field

August 2010, Williams and Ayda Field married at his home in Mulholland Estates in Beverly Hills

His Money: His net worth is $300 million (around £247 million) according to Celebrity Net Worth

His Connections: Robbie still has connections with his past band members in Take That and even still participates in some band performances

Robbie has collaborated with many other celebrities for songs such as Kylie Minogue, Nicole Kidman, Gary Barlow, Jimmy Carr, Queen and Russell Brand