Woman left embarrassed after restaurant forces her to cover up her racy outfit with a lost property scarf

A TikToker, from the US  was left embarrassed after a fancy restaurant deemed her outfit ‘inappropriate’ for the required dress code

Photo Credit: Tik Tok / @slayraslayePhoto Credit: Tik Tok / @slayraslaye
Photo Credit: Tik Tok / @slayraslaye

A woman has gone viral on social media after revealing that an upmarket restaurant considered her outfit ‘inappropriate’ for the required dress code.

Posting under the handle @slayraslaye on TikTok, the user from the US, showed herself wearing a very low-cut green crop-top, that only-just conceals her modesty.

The 23-year-old also donned a brown scarf over her shoulders that was big enough to wrap around herself.

Across the video clip, @slayraslaye wrote: "When you get dress-coded at an upscale restaurant”.

She showed herself with her hand across her face in a look of sheer embarrassment.

The caption under the video reads: “Yes this scarf belongs to the restaurant… i didn’t know these were the vibes #SummerMashup#fypシ

The clip is accompanied by a popular TikTok sound called “ pippa and beatrice “Here comes the w**e.”

Photo Credit: Tik Tok / @slayraslayePhoto Credit: Tik Tok / @slayraslaye
Photo Credit: Tik Tok / @slayraslaye

It has already gathered over 69,000 views on TikTok, and over 300 comments, with most agreeing that her outfit was far too revealing to dine-out at a fancy restaurant.

One wrote: "You look gorgeous but no formal restaurant would allow that top.”

A second added: “If someone showed up to my fancy restaurant like that I would assume that they were an escort.”

And another wrote: “Why is everybody so upset about a dress code? If i go to a fancy restaurant I wouldn’t want the other guest look like they’re at the club🤦🏼‍♀️”

With another commenting: “Wow. I respect the restaurant.”

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