Who owns the Glastonbury field? How much does Worthy Farm owner Michael Eavis earn from festival and net worth

The first Glastonbury Festival was held at Worthy Farm in 1970 and had a ticket price of just £1

It’s been two long years, but the Glastonbury Festival is back.

Fans are once again travelling to Worthy Farm in Somerset to see some of the biggest names in the music industry.

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The most popular event in the UK’s music calendar, Glastonbury has been entertaining fans since 1969.

The iconic festival features a packed list of headliners including performances from Kendrick Lamar, Diana Ross, Sir Paul McCartney and Billie Eilish.

With an estimated 200,000 people set to descend on Worthy Farm this year, the event is only getting bigger.

But who owns Worthy Farm and how much money do they make from it?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Who owns Worthy Farm?

Festival founder Michael Eavis at Worthy Farm in 2019 (Pic: Getty Images)

Worthy Farm is owned by 86-year-old dairy farmer Michael Eavis.

Where is Worthy Farm?

Worthy Farm is located in the village of Pilton, Somerset, not in Glastonbury, as the festival name suggests.

According to the Guardian, Glastonbury Festival was meant to move from the location in 2019, but this doesn’t seem to be the plan anymore.

The festival takes a break , known as a fallow year, which gives the farmland time to recover from the hundreds of thousands of visitors it experiences during the festival.

Who is Michael Eavis?

Michael Eavis, is the founder of the Glastonbury Festival.

Michael Eavis and Emily Eavis attends the NME Awards in 2020 (Pic: Getty Images)

In 1954 he inherited Worthy Farm from his father and operated it as a dairy farm.

But by 1969 he had the idea to host a music festival after being inspired by a Led Zeppelin performance at Bath’s Blues Festival.

The first event he held was the Pilton Pop Folk & Blues Festival , before he turned into Glastonbury Fair in 1970.

The small event eventually became the Glastonbury Festival, which has turned into one of the most popular events in the music world, with around 200,000 fans in attendance.

Eavis, who is 86-years-old no longer runs the festival, with his youngest daughter Emily Eavis, 42, taking up the reins.

Her role involves assigning headliners and has seen a shift in the music on offer.

She helped book the festival’s first ever hip-hop headliner, Jay-Z in 2008 and has gone on to diversify the music so it will appeal to a variety of generations.

It was Emily who helped champion the ban of single-use plastic bottles at the festival in 2019.

What is his net worth?

According to Company Check, Eavis has an approximate net worth of £3 million.

How much do they make from Glastonbury?

Glastonbury Festival has a reported turnover of £32 million.

Despite being one of the biggest music events in the world, the festival founder gives himself a yearly wage of £60,000, with the remainder being donated towards charity.

Glastonbury does keep £10 million in the bank as a “contingency” plan, as daughter Emily explained to the Daily Mail: “The elements are so unpredictable.

"We are completely at the mercy of the elements. We have to sell out to breakeven because the event costs so much to put on - about £40m. Our other goal is to be able to give the charities we support about £2m a year. Glastonbury employs about 50 people full time."