Nadine Dorries book: seven crazy claims made in ‘The Plot’ - including Tory ‘Dr No’ who cut up rabbit and nailed to ex-girlfriend’s home

Nadine Dorries has unveiled shocking allegations in her new book - including Tory ‘Dr No’ who cut up ex-girlfriend’s rabbit and nailed it to the door of her family home
Nadine Dorries has unveiled shocking allegations in her new book ‘The Plot’. (Photo: Getty Images) Nadine Dorries has unveiled shocking allegations in her new book ‘The Plot’. (Photo: Getty Images)
Nadine Dorries has unveiled shocking allegations in her new book ‘The Plot’. (Photo: Getty Images)

The former Culture Secretary, Nadine Dorries, has unveiled a series of shocking allegations in her new book about the Conservatives and the government. Her book, called ‘The Plot: the Political Assassination’ is being serialised in The Daily Mail and includes a claim concerning a Tory official in No10 who allegedly had a pet rabbit cut up and nailed to the front door of his ex-girlfriend’s family home.

Dorries also claims in her new book that the Conservatives have been controlled for 20 years by a “movement” which allegedly consists of  levelling up secretary Michael Gove, Johnson’s former chief of staff Dominic Cummings and an adviser called Dougie Smith. Dorries wrote that after Johnson made Cummings his chief of staff, the so-called “movement” instigated its plan to replace the prime minister after his December 2019 election victory as he had already served his purpose by winning an 80-seat majority.

The book was initially scheduled to be released on 28 September but had to be pushed back to 9 November to go through the “required legal process”. She recently accused the government of trying to block her book. She was asked to share a pre-publication transcript to allow the Cabinet Office to vet any confidential material, but after receiving legal advice she refused, the Daily Mail reported.

Dorries, a staunch ally of Mr Johnson, handed in her resignation in September which prompted a by-election in her former Tory constituency of Mid Bedfordshire with it then being took over by Labour. When she resigned she attacked the Prime Minister, claiming he presided over a “zombie Parliament”. Here we list all of the shocking and outrageous allegations and claims Dorries makes in her new book.

Nadine Dorries has unveiled shocking allegations in her new book ‘The Plot’. (Photo: Getty Images) Nadine Dorries has unveiled shocking allegations in her new book ‘The Plot’. (Photo: Getty Images)
Nadine Dorries has unveiled shocking allegations in her new book ‘The Plot’. (Photo: Getty Images)

Tory ‘Dr No’ had rabbit cut up and nailed to ex-girlfriend’s home

In her book, Dorries speaks of a Tory party member, who she labels as ‘Dr No’. There is no confirmation on who ‘Dr No’ is but he has has been employed at the top of the Conservative Party since the 1990s, with full access to Downing Street, and she says he has been working in the shadows of every administration, including those of David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak.

Ms Dorries alleged that when an ex-girlfriend ended their relationship he chopped up her little brother’s pet rabbit and nailed it to the family’s front door. She wrote: “When a girlfriend ended their relationship, it is rumoured that he had her little brother’s pet rabbit chopped into four and nailed to the front door of the family home to greet him when he got home from school, in true Mafia style.”

The Mail spoke to the brother in question, who confirmed that “something happened” to his rabbit when he was a child, around the time that his sister split up with Dr No. He said: “I definitely had a rabbit, and I don’t now.”

Asked if his parents had said anything about what happened to the pet, he said: “They don’t want to talk about the rabbit, they’ve kept the same line. That I had a rabbit, and then I didn’t have a rabbit, which is normal with pets.”

Shadowy figures secretly controlling the Tory party for more than two decades

Ms Dorries sets out in dramatic detail how a sinister cabal of influential fixers, advisers and ministers have been secretly controlling the party for more than two decades and are responsible for ousting Boris Johnson. Central to the cabal, according to the book, is ‘Dr No’.

She wrote: “’He is paid by Central Office, has a pass to No 10 and, some say, Rishi Sunak doesn’t move without first seeking his advice. And yet people can spend years working in No 10 and never hear his name mentioned.”

She also says in the book that cabinet minister Michael Gove, Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s former senior adviser, Tory adviser Dougie Smith, brought down Johnson, adding that the so- called “movement” was also key in bringing down Iain Duncan Smith as party leader and undermined Theresa May.

PM installed after network dethroned Boris Johnson

Dorries accused Rishi Sunak of abandoning the “fundamental principles of Conservatism” and highly criticises his leadership. In her book she suggests that he was installed by the ‘network’.

She alleges that Dr No and his ‘network’ installed Rishi Sunak in No10 after they had successfully dethroned Boris Johnson. She wrote that after Johnson made Cummings his chief of staff – following pressure from Gove and Smith – ‘the movement’ plotted to remove the PM in the wake of his 2019 election victory, on the grounds he had already served his purpose by winning an 80-seat majority.

According to the Daily Mail, Dorries wrote in her book: “In 2019 they needed Boris to save them from all the harm they had been responsible for. The person they had actually lined up to be PM, Rishi, just wasn’t ready, but once Boris was in and had given them a big majority, it was time to get him out. He had served his purpose.”

She claimed that part of the tactic to destabilise Johnson was to place negative briefings about his wife Carrie in the Press because they “saw her as a barrier to their plan for total control”. She added: “They wanted to place so much strain on the relationship that Carrie would walk. They tried big time to cause trouble in the home, to make them feel vulnerable and scared and dependent upon them. It’s mind games and they are good at it.”

Tory ‘Dr No’ ‘tried to set house on fire when people were sleeping in their bed’

Ms Dorries claimed that the so-called ‘Dr No’ “loves violence” and “tried to set fire to a house when people were sleeping in their bed.” She said: “For a man with a secretive past, he appears to have trouble keeping clear of the authorities. Dr No loves violence too. If ever there is a demonstration in Downing Street and he’s in there, he will slip out of the back door into the street and he seeks out the violent clashes. He doesn’t take part, he just cruises around and watches.”

She added: “It really is quite remarkable, over 40 years, only a handful of people who have been in No 10 could point him out to you. If a staffer ever asked, ‘Who is that man?’ as he shuffled past, there would be no answer forthcoming.Someone who has had the misfortune to run up against him said to me ‘He’s just a very bad man with an evil mind, and in politics every prime minister needs a man just like him by his side’.”

Giving more details about the alleged arson, she writes: “Dr No was said to have tried to set fire to a house when people were sleeping in their bed. There was a whole family in the house at the time, including a child.”

Tory ‘Dr No’ used ‘dirty dossier’ against Liz Truss

In her book Dorries also claims that ‘Dr No’ uses “dirty dossiers” as “one of his favourite modes of operation”. She quotes a source as saying that Dr No deployed the tactic against Tory former prime minister Liz Truss, comprising “mostly sexual, disgusting and untrue, seriously made-up nasty stuff” which was shown to Sunak.

She wrote: “To his credit, Rishi told him not to use it because it would reflect badly on him. But Dr No ignored him, because Rishi wasn’t in charge, they were. Then, when the dossier was considered so appalling that the Press didn’t use it, it was texted to a journalist that ‘we’re keeping this ammunition for use at a later date’”.

Dorries wrote that Truss was in the job only a week, and then another dirty dossier was released about her husband, Hugh. She said: “This is what Dr No does. He undermines and destabilises people. Even if the dossiers aren’t used, he likes the victim to know they are out there and that someone might just print something and upset their children. And even when they know it’s not true, that worry keeps them awake at night and sinks down deep into their psyche. Dr No fired a rocket deep into the heart of her family and it floored her because, as fictitious as it was, she knew it was out there.”

Tory ‘Dr No’ is a ‘petty crook’ advising Rishi Sunak

Ms Dorries alleges that ‘Dr No’, the mysterious Tory party member, is a “petty crook” and is in No10 advising Sunak. She also quotes a party veteran, who claims that Dr No “fleeced” a wealthy party donor who was in a dispute about money with him.

According to Dorries, the party veteran said that he took the donor’s “gold American Express card for a ride” and “travelled in helicopters, pretended to be setting up a think-tank, trashed his house and spent the money”. She said: “He was nothing more than a petty crook and now he’s in No 10 and advising the PM.”

Michael Gove ‘binds all the dark-arts people together’

Dorries uses her book to make a series of attacks on Gove. She says that “when it came to behind-the-scenes manipulation and manoeuvring, all roads lead back to Michael Gove”, and that he “binds all the dark-arts people together”.

She claims that the levelling-up secretary was in “cahoots” with Cummings and was part of  “the movement” plotted to remove Johnson from office as soon as he won the general election in 2019.

She quotes a source as saying: “’Boris trusted Michael and that was one huge mistake. When Michael left, Boris came out to us and said ‘Michael has just told me I should go, I should resign now’. Michael knew exactly what he was doing. He wanted to destabilise Boris, to unnerve him before one of the biggest moments of his life.” Ms Dorries argues that because there had been only a handful of resignations up to that point, the situation would have been salvageable without Gove’s intervention.

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