How can you get a Wagamama free ramen? Student discount, when deal takes place explained

The high street Japanese food chain will be collaborating with YouTuber Niko Omilana for a new event it’s called the ‘Ramen Rush’

High street restaurant chain Wagamama is offering students and apprentices free food today (28 March).

A follow up offer to September 2022’s free katsu event at the Japanese cuisine giant, it will allow students and apprentices from London to Edinburgh, and Norwich to Cardiff to grab a meal on the house.

It is the latest exciting announcement from a student favourite brand. Earlier in March, Greggs revealed it would be opening a new Primark cafe in Newcastle. It comes after the two businesses joined forces for a new clothing line last summer.

Wagamama’s free food also comes after several of its fellow eating out chains announced they would be hiking their prices in light of the inflation crisis. The famous Greggs sausage roll and McDonald’s Mayo Chicken burgers are among the big sellers to have fallen victim to increases over the last few months.

So, when can you get yourself a free Wagamama meal - and who’s eligible for the offer?

When is Wagamama free food event?

Wagamama will dish out free ramen to students and apprentices at all of its sites across the country later on Tuesday (28 March). Eligible people will be able to choose from Wagamama’s range of ramen dishes, including grilled chicken ramen, chilli chicken ramen and teriyaki vegan ‘chicken’ ramen.

The event is taking place between 3pm and 5pm for one day only today, although the free dishes are likely to disappear quickly. So be sure to get in the queue early.

To get a free Wagamama ramen , you have to be a student or an apprentice (image: Adobe)To get a free Wagamama ramen , you have to be a student or an apprentice (image: Adobe)
To get a free Wagamama ramen , you have to be a student or an apprentice (image: Adobe)

It will also take place in airports. The chain’s Covent Garden and Camden sites will operate the event slightly differently. At Covent Garden, the so-called ramen rush will get underway from 4pm.

Meanwhile, in Camden, it will begin at 11am and end at 3pm. YouTuber and prankster Niko Omilana, who ran for London Mayor during the 2021 election, will be visiting this restaurant in his capacity as Wagamama ‘Noodle Union’ President.

“To celebrate and welcome our existing and new members, as the Noodle Union president I am proud to announce the ramen rush – a day to celebrate bowls of nourishment for the nation and maybe even a hello from me,” Niko Omilana said. “Make sure to sign up to the noodle union so that you don’t miss out on a free ramen and other epic prizes throughout the year.”

Prizes include five ‘golden ladles’ that will win the bearer a year’s worth of free Wagamama meals, and a chance to eat a specially curated Wagamama meal with Omilana himself.

How can I get a free Wagamama’s?

To get a free ramen, you have to be among the first 60 eligible people to visit a Wagamama restaurant and you also have to be a member of the restaurant chain’s Noodle Union (something you can sign up to on this dedicated Wagamama website).

When you arrive, you will need to show your student or apprenticeship ID to staff. You will also have to show your Noodle Union membership, which can be done by displaying its welcome message that should have been sent to you via WhatsApp or email. On top of these requirements, you will need to eat inside the restaurant to be able to claim your free ramen.