Snow forecast UK: Met Office weather report for March 2023 - where and when will snow hit?

The UK has experienced a sudden stratospheric warming pattern which could lead to snow in March

Snow is expected to hit the UK in late March. (Getty Images)Snow is expected to hit the UK in late March. (Getty Images)
Snow is expected to hit the UK in late March. (Getty Images)

Wintry and disruptive weather conditions are expected to continue in the UK over the coming weeks, with the potential combination of snow and strong winds in March.

There has been a great deal of speculation over snow in recent weeks due to a sudden stratospheric warming pattern in the atmosphere which has been compared to the Beast from the East in 2018.

Cold conditions have dominated the UK this winter and they are likely to escalate and cause further disruption in the coming weeks according to the Met Office. But where and when is it likely to snow in the UK? Here we take a look at the latest weather forecast.

Met Office weather forecast

Forecasters are predicting a cloudy start to March with the opening four days featuring some small scattered showers in eastern and central areas of the UK. Other areas are expected to remain dry with Scotland experiencing clear skies.

Sunday 5 March to Tuesday 14 March

Temperatures are expected to drop after Sunday 5 March and wintry conditions are particularly likely in the northeast of England. Drier conditions with sunny spells are expected for the rest of the country with some isolated showers at times.

The rest of the period is expected to remain dry throughout most of the UK, but the north east of England is increasingly likely to experience unsettled spells with rain and snow.

Temperatures are likely to be below average but they are expected to gradually increase.

Where and when is it most likely to snow?

The Met Office states that the UK is most likely to experience snow between Wednesday 15 March and Wednesday 29 March with wintry showers and a heavy risk of snow affecting areas across the UK.

The Met Office report states:  “Late seasonal wintry showers are expected across the country as milder air becomes less likely to affect the UK. This may also bring some dry weather at times, especially in western regions.

“Rain and strong winds are likely in the south, rain turning heavy at times. Colder and drier conditions are expected in the north, with wintry showers and a risk of heavy snow at times.

“Temperatures overall will likely be below normal, but milder in the south through the middle of March and perhaps beyond.”