Amazon Prime Day 2022: 10 best beauty finds on Amazon including brands Ted Baker, Philips and Sanctuary Spa

Amazon Prime Day sees many discounts on some of the most popular beauty products with some already having deals

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Living in a media-driven world where people are surrounded by cameras, social media and influencers, beauty standards and products are becoming a constant topic of discussion.

There are many considerations to think about when buying products such as skin types, brands and prices, and as we reach halfway through the year, sustainability has become a key feature.

Instead of consumers digging around through beauty aisles and becoming overwhelmed by the amount of choice, this article highlights the best finds on Amazon that can cater for all of your needs.

Although it is deemed ‘bigger the better’ with designer brands and price, as the cost of living increases, people look for sales and reduced prices; Amazon offers the best labels at half the cost.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Much like the infamous Black Friday sales, Amazon Prime offers a two-day shopping event for all the discount-hungry online shoppers. The annual event takes place on 12 and 13 July this year, with both fashion and lifestyle products prices getting slashed.

To be able to use the vast amount of deals, you have to be a member of Amazon Prime. If you have not signed up for a membership, you can do so here, for £7.99 a month or £79 per year, and exclusive delivery and entertainment offers.

Some are entitled to an Amazon Prime trial, if you have not been a member in the last year.

Vist for a 30-day free trial.

Get kitted out with Amazon beauty finds

The key to a good blend of face or body makeup is the tool you use, in this case, which brush or sponge offers the best look.

You want to avoid the tide-mark or cakey appearance, and with the popular Real Techniques egg-shape beauty blender, the user can create a flawless face of makeup - all for under £5.

The Selena Gomez vegan make-up brand is in hot demand making it a ‘rare beauty’ item to have in your basket.

With Amazon Prime deals, the consumer can grab the weightless and long-lasting matte liquid blush at 20% off its original price.

As natural and sustainable products are at the forefront of people’s wishlists, the Plantifique green face mask which draws out all of your impurities, will be among the top few.

Mixing avocado and green tea, not only does it meet the Earthy criteria of the modern-day consumer, it is sold at a reduced rate.

When you think of ‘beauty’, spa treatments tend to be one of the hot options, and with Amazon Prime Day deals, you can get all the works in the form of a Sanctuary Spa gift set - all under £40.

From your heels to your fingernails, you will be smooth, refreshed and beautiful.

On more of the expensive side, this face treatment offers you a youthful, luminous complexion at nearly half market value.

Hydration, hydration, hydration - this is what this trustworthy and big name brand will give you.

Beauty Works celebrates its 10th birthday this year, just before Amazon Prime Day 2022.

This brand has helped people feel confident with their bouncy and rejuvenated hair, and can create such a look for only £60.

Who needs a spa when you can give yourself a facial and pore cleansing ritual at home for less than £15?

This high-quality steamer comes with a thermal face mask and pore cleaning tool kit to make your face feel fresh.

As the summer months approach where the shorts and skirts come out to play, people will be buying hair removal products such as razors or wax strips.

Alternatively, you could invest in a hair remover kit from Philips which removes hair re-growth, and is currently selling for 24% off on Amazon.

To match your beauty, all of your beauty products can be kept in a stylish and classy Ted Baker wash bag, large enough to house your wash products, make-up, and hair bits and bobs too. Perfect for travelling.

Hello face rolling and gua sha, goodbye puffiness and tired-looking skin on the face and neck.

Enter the era of massaging your face as soon as you wake up, to tighten the skin around your eyes and jawline as well as rejuvenate your circulation.