Who supplies my water? How to check your supplier and local restrictions - after England drought announced

There are over 30 water suppliers across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales

The UK has experienced some rain for the first time in weeks in the last few days, and in some places there’s even been flash flooding.

The rain has done little to help the environment, however, after weeks of dry and hot weather - and drought status is still in place for many areas across the country.

The drought, and low levels of water in reservoirs and rivers, has led to many water companies across the UK urging people to be sensible with their water use.

There are also several hosepipe bans in place, or bans due to begin shortly.

So, this may have left you wondering just who your water provider is.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to find out who your water supplier is, whether or not you can change your water provider and what areas are affected by the drought.

There are over 30 water suppliers across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales - here’s how to check which one supplies your home or business.

How is it decided who supplies my water?

Your water supplier is decided very simply, it all comes down to the area you live in.

There are several water companies which operate across the UK, and they each supply water to homes and businesses in certain geographical areas.

Therefore, where you live dictates which water company supplies your water.

If you live in Scotland, your water supplier will be a public company, Scottish Water.

In Northern Ireland, water and sewerage services are provided by Northern Ireland Water, a water supplier owned by the government.

If you live in England or Wales, your water will come from one of 32 private companies functioning as water suppliers.

Can I change who supplies my water?

No, unlike other utilities you can not change your water supplier.

This means that you can not switch your water supplier, and you can not look for a different provider who may offer a better deal in the same way that can gas and electric or your broadband.

Instead, you have to accept the charges from your local supplier, and the only way to change your water supplier is to move into a completely new area.

How can I check who supplies my water?

There are 32 separate water companies in England and Wales, but the good news is if you’re unsure which of them supplies the water to your home it couldn’t be easier or quicker to check.

There’s a really useful website called Water UK which has a handy tool to help you find who provides your water.

All you have to do is enter your postcode.

If you live on the border of two water areas, then you should contact the possible water suppliers directly for confirmation.

A full list of contact details for each of the water companies is available on the Ofwat website.

How can I check the water restrictions imposed by my water supplier?

The easiest way to check the restrictions put in place by your water supplier is to contact them directly.

You can check each of their websites or phone the company.

A full list of contact details for each of the water companies is available on the Ofwat website.

Where in England is there a drought?

A drought was declared in the UK on Friday 12 August for the first time in four years, impacting nine areas across England.

This comes after the UK saw the hottest weather since records began in July, with temperatures soaring to 41C.

Before the news was confirmed, water companies including Welsh Water, Southern Water, Thames Water, and South East Water were already imposing hose pipe bans in a bid to save supply.

The areas affected by the drought are: Yorkshire, Devon and Cornwall, Solent and South Downs, Kent and South London, Herts and North London, East Anglia, Thames, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire and East Midlands.