Man City and FFP: Financial Fair Play rules breach, Premier League charge, possible points deduction explained

The City Football Group owned club have been referred to a commission for a number of alleged breaches of the Premier League Rules.

Manchester City Football Club have been charged with breaking the Premier League’s financial fair play rules following a long running investigation by the governing body.

A statement was released this morning (Monday, February 6) which confirmed that the City Football Group owned club have been referred to a commision for a number of alleged breaches dating as far back as the 2009/10 season. The Premier League have detailed all of the rules they believe have been broken by the reigning champions - who have picked up six titles over the past 11 campaigns. Here is everything we know so far about the charges and what they could mean for Pep Guaridola’s side including if a points deduction is a possibility:

What have the Premier League said about Man City and FFP charges

The full Premier League statement from Monday morning can be read on their official website. In it, the governing body details all the alleged rules their investigation has concluded were broken by Man City since 2009. Here are some of the key points from what has been said:

  • In accordance with Premier League Rule W.82.1, the Premier League confirms that it has today referred a number of alleged breaches of the Premier League Rules by Manchester City Football Club to a Commission under Premier League Rule W.3.4.
  • Commissions are independent of the Premier League and member clubs. The members of the Commission will be appointed by the independent Chair of the Premier League Judicial Panel, in accordance with Premier League Rules W.19, W.20 and W.26.
  • The proceedings before the Commission will, in accordance with Premier League Rule W.82, be confidential and heard in private. Under Premier League Rule W.82.2, the Commission’s final award will be published on the Premier League’s website.
  • This confirmation is made in accordance with Premier League Rule W.82.1.

The full list of Premier League rules is also available to read on the official website.

What does FFP charge mean for Man City and could they be deducted points by the Premier League?

It is still very early days and it is unclear exactly what the penalty will be for Manchester City if the independent commision does find them guilty of the breaches that the Premier League have charged them with. If they are found guilty of the breaches then a points deduction is a possible punishment as is, in the most extreme case, expulsion from the league.

This is not the first time the Manchester club have found themselves charged with breaches of FFP rules when, In 2020, they had a two year ban from European club competitions overturned by the Court of Arbitration for Sport after UEFA had ruled they committed “serious breaches” of their FFP regulations between 2012 and 2016.

What have Manchester City said in response to the Premier League statement?

Manchester City released their own statement just after 12pm in response to the Premier League charges. The club have said they are ‘surprised’ by the issuing of the alleged breaches and ‘welcomes the review’. The statement read: “Manchester City FC is surprised by the issuing of these alleged breaches of the Premier League Rules, particularly given the extensive engagement and vast amount of detailed materials that the EPL has been provided with.

“The Club welcomes the review of this matter by an independent Commission, to impartially consider the comprehensive body of irrefutable evidence that exists in support of its position. As such we look forward to this matter being put to rest once and for all.”