S Club 7 reunion: who is in band, where are members now, are they going on tour in 2023 - what’s been said?

S Club 7 who enjoyed success with hits such as Reach and Never Had a Dream Come True - could be back on tour in 2023

<p>S Club 7 pictured in 2014. (Getty Images)</p>

S Club 7 pictured in 2014. (Getty Images)

S Club 7 are said to be reuniting for a blockbuster reunion and a tour which will take place 25 years after their debut single.

The group, created by former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller, enjoyed success during the late 1990s and early 2000s with hits such as Bring It All Back, S Club Party, Reach and Never Had a Dream Come True.

The hugely successful group recorded a total of four number one singles and a chart-topping album before splitting in 2003.

S Club 7 were the soundtrack to many people’s school discos and their potential comeback is likely to garner interest from fans around the world.

But when is the S Club 7 reunion and what have the band members been up to over the last 20 years?

Here is everything you need to know.

Who are S Club 7?

S Club 7 were a British pop group from London which was active from 1998 until 2003. The group was created by former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller and featured seven members: Tina Barrett, Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh, Jo O’Meara, Hannah Spearritt and Rachel Stevens.

Simon Fuller came up with the concept of S Club 7 shortly after being fired by the Spice Girls in 1997. He selected the casting members of the group after auditions from over 10,000 people.

S Club 7 enjoyed great success during the late 1990s and early 2000s. (Getty Images)

The group shot to fame when they starred in their own television series Miami 7 which aired on the BBC programme CBBC. The children’s sitcom was based on the lives of the group and helped each band member form their own character. People in the USA compared the group’s rise to fame as ‘The Monkees for the next generation.”

The up-tempo song Bring It All Back - the theme tune to Miami 7 was the first of four S Club 7 hits to reach number one in the UK charts.

The group ultimately announced a split in 2003 after a five year period of success, the group’s members cited their need to move on and face new challenges.

Where are the band members now?

It has now been 20 years since S Club 7 announced their split and fans of the group will be feeling all sorts of nostalgia with the news of a potential comeback. Here is a look at where all the band members are now.

  • Paul Cattermole

Paul broke the hearts of fans around the country and became the first member to leave the group back in 2002.

Cattermole had ambitions of his own after leaving the group and formed the nu metal band Skua. However, his time with Skua was short lived and they split in 2003.

Five years after S Club broke up, Cattermole performed at nightclubs, universities and holiday camps as S Club 3 alongside Jo O’Meara and Bradley McIntosh.

Cattermole suffered financial difficulties after leaving the group and was declared bankrupt in 2018. Cattermole had a relationship with band mate Hannah Spearritt but the pair split in 2006.

  • Hannah Spearritt

After leaving music Hannah turned her attention to a career in acting and featured in films such as Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London and Seed of Chucky.

Spearritt’s biggest role saw her star as one of the lead characters in the ITV science-fiction series Primeval.

Spearritt welcome her first child Taya in December 2018 and also gave birth to Tora in December 2020.

  • Jo O’Meara

Jo O’Meara often took the lead vocals during her time with S Club 7 and she launched a career of her own in 2005 with a debut hit What Hurts The Most. The song reached number 13 in the UK Singles Chart.

O’Meara followed that up with the album Relentless that same year but failed to emulate the same success as her debut song.

O’Meara briefly featured in Hollyoaks in 2006 but later branched out to Reality TV by featuring in Celebrity Big Brother in 2007.

O’Meara relaunched her solo career in 2021 with the album With Love. She also supported British healthcare workers by singing requested songs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Jon Lee

Jon Lee turned to musical theatre after the groups split in 2003.

Lee appeared in well known shows such as Les Miserables and Jersey Boys, before releasing a solo album Fallen Angel in 2013.

Lee came out as gay in 2010 and told Gay Times Magazine and revealed that he had come out to friends and family at a young age. Lee said: “It’s never needed to be a huge change that I’ve had to tell everyone about.”

  • Tina Barrett

Tina Barrett was nearly the star of another successful band and left the original version of Mis-Teeq with Alesha Dixon and Sabrina Washington to link up with S Club 7.

Barrett remained in music after the group split and enjoyed her most notable success by performing a cover of the Rod Stewart song Do Ya Think I’m Sexy alongside Natasha Bedingfield and Liz McClaron.

Barrett also ventured into the world of musical theatre and starred in Beauty and the Beast in 2013 and Wicked With in The Wizard of Oz the following year.

  • Bradley McIntosh

Bradley McIntosh formed a boy band shortly after the split of S Club 7.

The supergroup named Upper Street included members from other 1990s pop groups such as Steps and Another Level.

The supergroup failed to live up to the success of their predecessors and their most successful single The One only reached number 35 in the UK charts.

McIntosh has remained in music and has helped write and produce songs for JLS and ex-Sugababe Mutya Buena.

  • Rachel Stevens

Rachel Stevens enjoyed the most successful solo career in music out of all the band members.

Stevens reached number two and number three in the UK charts with hits such as More More More and Some Girls.

Stevens has since left the world of music and has appeared in a number of TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor New Zealand and Celebrity Masterchef.

Stevens married Alex Bourne in 2009 and the pair have two daughters.

When is the S Club 7 comeback?

According to the Mail On Sunday a comeback tour for S Club 7 is likely to take place in the summer of 2023, however the group themselves are yet to release an official statement.

The group’s tour is planned for the summer, though they are believed to also be discussing the idea of moving the date back to Christmas time due to a back injury to Jo O’Meara.

O’Meara has undergone four operations to remove part of a slipped disc. Friends of the singer claim she is struggling to walk but is hopeful of making a full recovery.