Aldi Christmas advert 2022: what happens in Kevin the Carrot Xmas ad? Home Alone theme explained, how to watch

Aldi supermarket has released its 2022 Christmas advert, joining the ad wars with John Lewis, Lidl, and Sainsburys

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Bonfire night is in the rearview mirror, which can mean only one thing, it’s Christmas advert season. Aldi unveiled its Christmas advert this week, and it features the supermarket chain’s iconic mascot, Kevin the Carrot.

Other major brands that have released big budget Christmas ads this month include John Lewis, which went for heartwarming story about a man becoming a foster parent to the tune of All The Small Things, Lidl which featured a cute teddy bear, and Sainsbury’s which opted for a fairy tale featuring Alison Hammond.

Kevin the Carrot in the Aldi Christmas advert 2022Kevin the Carrot in the Aldi Christmas advert 2022
Kevin the Carrot in the Aldi Christmas advert 2022

What happens in the Aldi 2022 Christmas advert?

The advert begins with a family of carrots rushing through an airport as they fear they will be late for their Christmas vacation to Paris. One of the carrot children donates his pocket money (a brussel sprout) to Neighbourly, a charity which Aldi has a partnership with.

As the family of root veg buckle into their seat, they realise that someone is missing from their festive celebration - Kevin the Carrot has been left home alone. As Kevin lounges around at the family home watching football on his phone, he realises that someone is trying to break into his home.

Kevin launches a battle plan to defend the house, bursting a balloon of cream over the intruder’s head, and then trying to electrocute him with Christmas lights - however he ends up zapping himself instead, almost becoming a roasted carrot. Kevin decides to get out of Dodge, and ziplines out of the window, falling into a snowman on the lawn, in a compromising position.

Santa then finds Kevin lodged in the snowman’s crotch, and it’s revealed that Saint Nick was the intruder all along, and was simply trying to deliver some Christmas presents. Kevin’s family arrive and they are reunited, they have missed out on their Christmas vacation, but at least they are all together, and they can enjoy a trifle tower.

Kevin the Carrot electrocutes himself with a set of Christmas lightsKevin the Carrot electrocutes himself with a set of Christmas lights
Kevin the Carrot electrocutes himself with a set of Christmas lights

Was the Aldi Christmas advert inspired by Home Alone?

The advert was a homage to the iconic 1990s Christmas film which starred Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin, Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. Aside from Kevin the carrot sharing the same name as the Home Alone protagonist, there were plenty of other similarities.

In Home Alone, Kevin’s family accidentally leave him at home as they jet off for a trip to Paris over Christmas, just like the carrot family. Kevin then strives to defend his home from the Wet Bandits, two hapless burglars who believe that the house will be empty for weeks. Kevin resorts to sadistic methods to defend his property, even though Illinois does not have a stand your ground law.

In Aldi’s festive ad, Kevin’s methods of defence are considerably less harmful, and at the end of the film, the intruder is revealed to be Santa Claus, whereas in Home Alone, the robbers were real bad guys.

Other similarities between the ad and the film include the outfit choices, as Kevin the Carrot wears a similar red sweater to the one Culkin sports throughout the movie. Additionally, the shot of the Carrot family home is very similar to the McAllister’s large suburban Home Alone house.

Where can you watch the 2022 Aldi Christmas advert?

You can watch it right here:

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