Loaded in Paradise: ITV2 release date, trailer, and filming locations - how does the new reality show work?

Loaded in Paradise sees five pairs chase each other around the Greek Aegean Islands, hoping to steal a €50 000 gold card

Loaded in Paradise, a new reality entertainment show, arrived on ITVX on Wednesday 28 December. Now, nearly four months later, it’s coming to ITV2, taking over the evening slot vacated by Love Island.

The series, which sees five pairs given a gold cash card and sent on the run around Greek Islands, is ITVX’s first reality series commission.

Here’s everything you need to know about Loaded in Paradise.

What is it about?

The official ITVX synopsis for Loaded in Paradise describes the series as “an action packed, adrenalised reality game show where party-loving pairs island hop Greece’s Aegean Islands in a race to take control of - and spend - 50,000 euros.”

How does the format work?

Jason and Pricey in Loaded in Paradise, lying on a yellow sun lounger with sharks swimming beneath them (Credit: ITVX)
Jason and Pricey in Loaded in Paradise, lying on a yellow sun lounger with sharks swimming beneath them (Credit: ITVX)
Jason and Pricey in Loaded in Paradise, lying on a yellow sun lounger with sharks swimming beneath them (Credit: ITVX)

Loaded in Paradise starts with five pairs, and one gold card filled with money. The pair with the card (which gets topped up daily, so never runs out) get to spend it how they’d like, but they’ve also got to avoid the other pairs – all of whom are trying to steal the gold card from them. Think Hunted crossed with Brewster’s Millions, if you like.

The official ITVX synopsis goes on to explain that “at the end of each 48-hour chase, a luxury safehouse will open and everyone will reconvene. Dotted across the Aegean islands, these amazing and luxurious hubs will allow viewers to see the drama and fallout of the chase as they all come together. On the final leg of the chase, there’ll be a big twist as everyone chases the gold card one last time.”

Is there a trailer?

Yes, there is! You can watch it right here.

The full first episode of Loaded in Paradise is also available on YouTube.

When and how can I watch it?

Loaded in Paradise begins on ITV2 on Tuesday 14 March at 9pm, with new episodes airing nightly.

The series has been available to watch on ITVX since Wednesday 28 December. You can find ITVX online here.

How many episodes are there?

There are going to be 15 hour-long episodes to Loaded in Paradise.

What else is available on ITVX?

ITVX is launching with four new shows immediately: espionage drama A Spy Among Friends, novel adaptation The Confessions of Frannie Langton, YA drama Tell Me Everything, and a feature-length finale to historical comedy Plebs.

Since then, ITVX has seen to be new drama premiers every week, with true crime drama Litvinenko, Vicky McClure thriller Without Sin, the Succession-esque Riches, Noele Gordon biopic Nolly, and romantic drama You & Me as particularly high profile offerings. ITVX is also holds a host of ITV archive content, as well as offering exclusive access to hit US shows – you can find a full list here.

What other reality TV shows are coming to ITVX?

The big one, of course, is Big Brother. After five years away from our screens, the iconic reality show is returning to television as a shared venture between ITV2 and ITVX.

It’s not quite clear just yet how that’ll work – perhaps ITVX will be home to a 24/7 live camera feed? – but we’ll no doubt find out more in the lead up to release in 2023.

Why should I watch Loaded in Paradise?

It’ll be one to check out if you enjoy this kind of intense, high-stakes reality show – a good replacement for Love Island too if you’re missing those sunny vistas.