Married at First Sight Australia: meet the MAFS 2023 cast - how to watch in the UK

Married at First Sight Australia 2023 will feature 20 new singletons

After their wedding, each couple jets off on a luxurious honeymoon, where they’ll get the chance to learn more about their new partner.

Fans of the show have been treated to a glimpse of 10 new brides and 10 grooms. Here is the cast for this year’s series.

Married at First Sight Australia 2023 cast

The Brides

Alyssa Barmonde

Alyssa Barmonde (channel nine)
  • Age: 35
  • Job: Executive assistant
  • Instagram: alyssa_barmonde

Alyssa Barmonde has been single for a year since her seven-year marriage. She has revealed that she has found it difficult to date as a single mother and also found it hard on dating apps.

Barmonde is taking a chance on love again and is hopeful for a happy ending on her second time walking down the aisle.

Janelle Han

Janelle Han is a 28-year-old beauty influencer (Channel Nine)
  • Age: 28
  • Job: Beauty influencer
  • Instagram: janellemyh

Janelle Han describes herself as a driven and self assured woman. She grew up in a strict Singaporean- Chinese family.

Han is looking for a partner that her family will love and approve of and is only interested in a serious relationship and marriage.

Caitlin McConville

Caitlin McConville has been single for the last two years. (Channel Nine)
  • Age: 27
  • Job: Makeup artist
  • Instagram: caitlinmcconville

Caitlin McConville is a makeup artist by day and a nightclub artist by night. She lives a very sociable lifestyle but admits she would rather relax at home with her cat and play video games with her dad than be out clubbing.

McConville claims that she develops feelings very fast but always for the wrong type of people. She has been single for two years and is hoping that expert advice will help her find a lifelong partner.

Claire Nomarhas

Claire Nomarhas works as a kindergarten assistant. (Channel Nine)
  • Age: 31
  • Job: Kindergarten assistant
  • Instagram: cforclaire_

Claire Nomarhas was raised in a Greek household and describes herself as loud, direct, vivacious and energetic.

Her parents are divorced and she is very close to her grandparents, who got together as a result of an arranged marriage.

Nomarhas loves the outdoors and enjoys fishing, motorbikes and camping.

Bronte Schofield

Bronte Schofield is an online beauty educator. (Channel Nine)
  • Age: 28
  • Job: Online beauty educator
  • Instagram: _bronteschofield

Bronte Schofield describes herself as outspoken, fiery and confident. She reveals in the past that she has had a number of bad experiences in relationships which have left her feeling hurt and betrayed.

Schofield says she is attracted to someone who is an alpha male who can hold a conversation.

Lyndall Grace

Lyndall Grace is an accountant from western Australia. (Channel Nine)
  • Age: 27
  • Job: Accountant
  • Instagram: 10dall

Lyndall Grace has been living with cystic fibrosis, but with new medicine extending her life expectancy and giving her the lung capacity of someone without CF, she has a renewed outlook on finding love.

After living with such major physical restrictions in her life, Grace describes herself as someone who is a risk taker who grabs every moment by the horn and says yes to big life decisions.

Melinda Willis

Melinda is a 32-year-old CEO (Channel Nine)
  • Age: 32
  • Job: CEO, fashion & beauty
  • Instagram: melindarichelle

Melinda Willis describes herself as a confident businesswoman who has little trouble attracting men. However, she claims the right type of men always seem to elude her.

Willis is seeking an ambitious man with a strong business mind who can understand her busy lifestyle and won’t be clingy.

Melissa Sheppard

Melissa Sheppard is a hairdresser from Sydney (Channel Nine)
  • Age: 41
  • Job: Hairdresser
  • Instagram: mel_sheppard1

At the age of 41, Melissa Sheppard believes this is her final shot at looking for real love. She claims she has no trouble meeting men, but claims it’s a long term relationship that she craves.

Sheppard’s 10-year marriage ended several years ago and she co-parents her son with her twin sister. Sheppard is looking for someone upbeat, charismatic, cheeky and flirtatious.

Sandy Jawanda

Sandy, 36, is a dental hygienist from Victoria. (Channel Nine)
  • Age: 36
  • Job: Dental therapist
  • Instagram: sandyjawanda

Sandy Jawanda has never been in a serious relationship and admits she has had very little experience with men.

Jawanda describes her upbringing as very strict and her household followed the traditional values of Indian culture. She’s trusting the experts to match her with someone compassionate and caring.

Tahnee Cook

Tahnee is a 27-year-old PR manager. (Channel Nine)
  • Age: 27
  • Job: PR manager
  • Instagram: itstahnee

Tahnee Cook has been described as fast-talking, passionate and bubbly. She claims to be sick of using dating apps and the shallow, swipe-right culture that leads to “situationships” being about looks and no real connection.

Cook works in a high pressure position but claims she is not high-maintenance.

The grooms

Adam Seed

Adam is a business owner from Queensland. (Channel Nine)
  • Age: 35
  • Job: Business owner
  • Instagram: adam_seed13

Adam Seed is a business owner who is always on the lookout for a new business opportunity. The 35-year-old claims he is done with dating apps and is hoping to find something more meaningful with someone who wants to settle down.

Seed was born in England with Jamaican West Indian heritage, he was adopted by Australian parents who then raised him in Queensland.

Cameron Woods

Cameron is a 27-year-old carpenter. (Channel Nine)
  • Age: 27
  • Job: Carpenter
  • Instagram: yepcams_on

Cameron Woods grew up on a farm in Queensland before moving to Darwin to work as a carpenter.

Woods describes himself as down-to-earth, cheeky and laidback, he has never had a girlfriend but claimed he wanted to go out of his comfort zone by going on the show

Dan Hunjas

Dan is a 42-year-old digital marketing business owner (Channel Nine)
  • Age: 42
  • Job: Digital Marketing
  • Instagram: danhunj

Dan Hunjas is a twice-married father of a teenage daughter.

Hunjas is hoping to find the right partner and wants someone who is healthy, fit and motivated, whilst also being able to match his lifestyle, dreams and ambitions.

Duncan James

Duncan, 36, is a regional director of Cyber Security Sales. (Channel Nine)
  • Age: 36
  • Job: Regional director
  • Instagram: duncan_james

Duncan James describes himself as chivalrous and claims he has little trouble meeting women. However, he has struggled to find a relationship with someone compatible.

James is searching for someone who can be his best friend and lover. He hopes to find a woman with class, emotional intelligence and confidence.

Harrison Boon

Harrison is a 32-year-old builder from New South Wales. (Channel Nine)
  • Age: 32
  • Job: Builder
  • Instagram: harrison_boon_

Harrison Boon is a single dad of a three-year-old and claims he is open to having more children if he finds the right woman.

Boon says he has set the bar ridiculously high for finding love and wants to emulate the success of his parents who have had a 33 year marriage.

Joshua White

Josh, 40, is an advertising client director from New South Wales. (Channel Nine)
  • Age: 40
  • Job: Advertising client director
  • Instagram: whitej81

Joshua White is a single father of two who loves Disney.

Since his marriage ended, White has attempted to navigate a whole new dating game that has evolved dramatically since he was last single. He is struggling in the modern world of dating apps and misses the small things about being in a relationship like sharing the day with his partner and having a laugh.

Jesse Burford

Jesse is a 30-year-old marriage celebrant from Perth. (Channel Nine)
  • Age: 30
  • Job: Marriage celebrant
  • Instagram: jesse-burford

Formerly in a heavy metal rock band, Jesse Burford is a marriage celebrant in Perth who officiates in the style of a rock star.

Burford has worked on over 500 weddings and thrives in his job, however he is now craving that level of love and commitment for himself.

Layton Mills

Layton is a 35-year-old CEO from New South Wales. (Channel Nine)
  • Age: 35
  • Job: CEO, Biotech
  • Instagram: laymills

Layton Mills became an entrepreneur at the age of 19 and has helped start a number of successful businesses.

Mills is motivated and driven in his business and claims he has been less dedicated to his love life in recent years. Mills is the only single member of his close-knit group of friends and claims he now wants to find someone who he can care for when he grows older.

Mils is looking for a woman who shares his work ethic, his sense of determination and drive - ultimately someone to start his empire with.

Ollie Skelton

Ollie is a voice over artist from Western Australia. (Channel Nine)
  • Age: 26
  • Job: Voice-over artist
  • Instagram: skeltonollie

Ollie Skelton describes himself as confident, charismatic and mature beyond his age. He is a voice-over artist who literally has the gift of the gab.

Skelton has sworn off swiping for live on dating apps and has instead placed his trust in the experts to find him a perfect match.

Shannon Adams

Shannon is a 30-year-old personal trainer. (Channel Nine)
  • Age: 30
  • Job: Personal trainer
  • Instagram: shan_adams-44

Shannon Adams is a single dad to a three-year-old daughter. He was in an on-again-off-again relationship with his ex-partner for many years but is now hoping to build a future with someone new.

Adams claims he is sometimes hot-headed and his no-nonsense attitude can sometimes get him into trouble. He is looking for someone who will accept him for who he is.

How to watch in the UK

Usually UK fans of the Australian version of the show can watch it on Channel 4, however the channel is yet to make any official announcements about whether or not it will be airing the programme.

Last year, MAFS Australia premiered in the UK just a few weeks after it was released in Australia, so hopefully it’ll be the same situation this time around as well.

Australian viewers (or those with a VPN) will be able to catch the first episode of season 10 of MAFS Australia on Channel 9 and 9Now on Monday 30 January.

In the meantime, UK viewers can catch up on seasons four to nine of MAFS Australia on the Channel 4 website.