Love Island 2023 line-up on Instagram: how many followers do winter contestants have - new series live tracker

The Love Island contestants have had a rapid growth in Instagram followers since joining the show

The Love Island final is here and Maya Jama is heading to The South Africa villa to crown the winning couple for 2023.

The popular dating programme returned to Cape Town for the first winter edition of the show since 2020.

The ITV2 show has been synonymous with catapulting the cast members into new found fame on social media and many people are keen to keep up to date with the shows contestants outside of the villa.

The likes of Molly Mae Hague, Tommy Fury, Maura Higgins and Ekin Su Culculoglu have all been propelled to Instagram stardom after leaving the show.

But how many followers do the 2023 contestants have on Instagram?

Here is everything you need to know.

How many followers do the winter contestants of Love Island have?

Watch how the contestants’ follower counts have grown in the bar chart race below:


Kai Fagan

  • Age: 24
  • Handle: kaifagan_
  • Followers on 13 January: 7,067
  • Followers on 25 January: 23,700
  • Followers on 6 February: 39,000
  • Followers on 13 March: 101,000
  • From: Manchester
  • What we know: Kai Fagan is the second player with a rugby connection to enter the Love Island villa and follows in the footsteps of last year’s contestant Jacques O’Neill. The Jamaican citizen plays semi-professional rugby for Burnage RFC but also works full time as a science and PE teacher.

Tanya Manhenga

Tanya Manhenga (Photo: ITV)Tanya Manhenga (Photo: ITV)
Tanya Manhenga (Photo: ITV)
  • Age: 22
  • Handle: talkswithtt_
  • Followers on 13 January: 21,900
  • Followers on 25 January: 46,400
  • Followers on 6 February: 68,800
  • Followers on 13 March: 118,000
  • From: Liverpool
  • What we know: Tanya Manhenga is a 22-year-old biomedical science student and influencer from Liverpool. The influencer has shared a number of luxurious shots from holiday destinations such as Johnanesburg, South Africa and Marbella in Spain.

Lana Jenkins

  • Age: 25
  • Handle: lanajenkinss
  • Followers on 13 January: 12,800
  • Followers on 25 January: 72,600
  • Followers on 6 February: 130,000
  • Followers on 13 March: 225,000
  • From: Luton
  • What we know: Lana Jenkins is a 25-year-old make-up artist from Luton. She is no stranger to TV and has previously appeared as an extra on the popular ITV series Benidorm.

Anna - May Robey

  • Age: 20
  • Handle: annamayrobey
  • Followers on 13 January: 20,000
  • Followers on 25 January: 49,100
  • Followers on 6 February: 79,100
  • Followers on 13 March: 115,000
  • From: Swansea
  • What we know: Anna - May Robey is the youngest member of the original 2023 lineup. Robey is a Welsh payroll administrator from Swansea. She has posted just 15 times on Instagram and the majority of her snaps are from nights-out with friends or visits to London. Robey was voted out of Love Island on 28 January.

Ron Hall

Ron Hall will appear on Love Island 2023. (ITV)Ron Hall will appear on Love Island 2023. (ITV)
Ron Hall will appear on Love Island 2023. (ITV)
  • Age: 25
  • Handle: ronhall_
  • Followers on 13 January: 8,444
  • Followers on 25 January: 43,700
  • Followers on 6 February: 61,700
  • Followers on 13 March: 112,000
  • From: Essex
  • What we know: Ron Hall is a financial advisor from Essex who describes himself as “fun and charismatic.” Hall is the first partially sighted contestant to enter the Love Island villa and revealed that he is blind in one eye after sustaining a football injury as an 8-year-old.

Will Young

  • Age: 23
  • Handle: Farmer_Will_
  • Followers on 13 January: 133,000
  • Followers on 25 January: 185,000
  • Followers on 6 February: 219,000
  • Followers on 13 March: 303,000
  • From: Buckinghamshire
  • What we know: TikTok influencer Will Young has already built up a strong following on social media before entering the Love Island villa. The 23-year-old has more followers than any other contestant before heading on to the show and is known for sharing funny videos of his life on the farm.

Tanyel Revan

  • Age: 26
  • Handle: tanyelrevan
  • Followers on 13 January: 18,200
  • Followers on 25 January: 60,300
  • Followers on 6 February: 96,800
  • Followers on 13 March: 209,000
  • From: North London
  • What we know: Tanyel Revan is a 26-year-old hairstylist from North London. She has described her celebrity crush as 21 Jump Street actor Channing Tatum. Revan has shared a number of posts of herself with followers and the majority of her posts are taken from luxurious holidays to Dubai and Cyprus.

Shaq Muhammad

  • Age: 24
  • Handle: shaq24s_
  • Followers on 13 January: 4,330
  • Followers on 25 January: 14,000
  • Followers on 6 February: 32,800
  • Followers on 13 March: 86,700
  • From: London
  • What we know: Shaq Muhammad is a 24-year-old airport security officer from London. Muhammad is a fan of Arsenal football club and the majority of his Instagram posts are taken from holidays such as Toronto, Canada and Marbella, Spain.

Olivia Hawkins

Love Island series 9 contestant Olivia Hawkins was a stunt double in the show Brassic which has many links to Chorley.Love Island series 9 contestant Olivia Hawkins was a stunt double in the show Brassic which has many links to Chorley.
Love Island series 9 contestant Olivia Hawkins was a stunt double in the show Brassic which has many links to Chorley.
  • Age: 27
  • Handle: livhawkinss
  • Followers on 13 January: 18,800
  • Followers on 25 January: 64,700
  • Followers on 6 February: 115,000
  • Followers on 13 March: 209,000
  • From: Brighton
  • What we know: Olivia Hawkins is a 27-year-old ring girl who has featured at events at Wembley and Alexandra Palace. She is the second ring girl to appear on Love Island and follows in the footsteps of 2019 contestant Maura Higgins.

Haris Namani

  • Age: 21
  • Handle: haris_namanii
  • Followers on 13 January : 6,087
  • Followers on 25 January: 32,700
  • Followers on 6 February: 57,900
  • Followers on 13 March: 94,300
  • From: Doncaster
  • What we know: Haris Namani is a 21-year-old TV salesman from Doncaster. His Instagram page also shows that he is a keen boxer who has competed at amateur level, he regularly posts videos of himself training at Steel City Gym in Sheffield. Namani was voted out of the show on 27 January.

The Bombshells

Alongside the original lineup you can also expect to see two faces join the programme midway through the first episode.

Ellie Spence

Age: 25

  • Handle:elliespennie
  • Followers on 13 January: 2,715
  • Followers on 25 January: 4,894
  • Followers on 6 February: 13,100
  • Followers on 13 March: 54,400
  • From: Norwich

What we know: Law firm administrator Ellie Spence has taken a break from her job to head into the South African sun.

Spence has shared just 12 posts on Instagram - the majority of which are selfies or pictures of holidays such as Jaen, Spain.

Spence was voted out of the show in February.

Tom Clare

  • Age: 23
  • Handle:tomclare_
  • Followers on 13 January: 13,700
  • Followers on 25 January: 31,800
  • Followers on 6 February: 57,200
  • Followers on 13 March: 175,000
  • From: Barnsley

Macclesfield footballer Tom Clare is the latest sportsperson to feature in the Love Island villa.

The 23-year-old striker has been given an extended period of leave by the non-league side to participate in the show. Clare came through the academy at Barnsley and has also had spells with Boston United, Bradford City and Buxton FC.

Zara Diniz

  • Age: 25
  • Handle: itszaradeniz
  • Followers on 25 January: 41,900
  • Followers on 6 February: 73,200
  • Followers on 13 March: 121,000
  • From: London

Model and property developer Zara Diniz was one of the early bombshells in week one of Love Island 2023.

The 25-year-old clashed with fellow islander Olivia Hawkins in her first week in the villa.

Diniz was dumped from the island on 1 February.

David Salako

  • Age: 24
  • Handle:Davidsxalako
  • Followers on 25 January: 7,115
  • Followers on 6 February: 11,800
  • Followers on 13 March: 16,500
  • From: Essex

David Salako is a money advisor from Essex who joined the show during the first week.

Salako set his sights on Tanya Manhenga during his time in the villa but was the first person to exit when she chose to remain faithful to Shaq Muhammad.

Jessie Wynter

  • Age: 26
  • Handle: jessiereneewynter
  • Followers on 25 January: 308,000
  • Followers on 6 February:  333,000
  • Followers on 13 March: 489,000
  • From: Sydney, Australia

Jessie Wynter was the third bombshell to arrive in Love Island 2023 and it is her second appearance on the show.

The personal trainer and influencer had already developed a strong following after her appearance on Season 2 of Love Island Australia in 2019, where she finished 4th.

She has the highest following in the series alongside her current partner Will Young.

Aaron Waters

  • Age: 24
  • Handle:aaronmwaters
  • Followers on 25 January: 80,500
  • Followers on 6 February: 86,000
  • Followers on 13 March: 92,600
  • From: Perth, Australia

Aaron Waters was the second bombshell to return to the show. Waters previously appeared on Love Island Australia season 3 in 2021.

Waters finished runner-up in 2021 but failed to find a partner on this year’s series and he exited the show on 6 February.

Spencer Wilks

  • Age: 24
  • Handle:spennywilks
  • Followers on 6 February: 13,600
  • Folllowers on 13 March: 92,600

From:  Bournemouth

Spencer is a 24-year-old E-Commerce business owner who claimed he has sold adult toys online.

Wilks entered the Love Island villa as a bombshell and was briefly coupled up with Olivia Hawkins. However, he was voted off the show on 6 February alongside Aaron Waters.

Samie Elishi

  • Age: 22
  • Handle:samieelishi
  • Followers on 6 February: 27,900
  • Followers on 13 March: 227,000
  • From: London

Samie Elishi is a senior estate agent coordinator who joined the villa two weeks into the winter series.

Elishi explained her reason for going on the show. She said: “All my single friends are starting to settle down, so whenever I suggest a girls trip, everyone’s staying in with their boyfriends. I want someone to do that with, too!”

Casey O’Gorman

  • Age: 26
  • Handle: caseyogormon
  • Followers on 6 February: 7,748
  • Followers on 13 March: 65,400
  • From: Hertfordshire

Casey O’Gorman is a 26-year-old recruitment consultant from Tring, Herfordshire.

O’Gorman describes himself as the “cheekiest in the villa” and believes he will bring lots of entertainment and drama.

He was coupled up with Rosie Seabrook but the pair were voted out of the villa on 9 March.

Jordan Odofin

  • Age: 28
  • Handle:snapsofjords
  • Followers on 6 February: 3,542
  • Followers on 13 March: 20,900
  • From: London

Jordon Odofin is a 28-year-old senior HR advisor from London. He describes himself as “cool,calm,collected and funny.”

Odofin claims he has joined the show to find someone to settle down with. He said: “I’m looking to find a genuine connection with someone. It feels like the right time for me to settle down.”

Odofin left the villa on 13 February but he is now rumoured to be dating fellow contestant Zara Deniz.

Casa Amor

Casa Amor saw the introduction of 12 new bombshells in the ultimate relationship test. Just three of the Casa Amor contestants made it back to the original villa at the end of the process.


Layla Al-Mowani

  • Age: 28
  • Handle: laylaalmowani
  • Followers on 12 February: 7,541
  • Followers on 13 March: 21,200
  • From: South West London

What we know: Layla Al-Mowani is a 28-year-old brand managing director from London. She describes herself as loud and confident and claimed she would be a standout islander.

Al-Mowani failed to make it back to the main villa, however she did share a kiss with Will Young during her time at Casa Amor.

Sammy Jones

  • Age: 27
  • Handle: sammymayjames
  • Followers on 12 February: 4,611
  • Followers on 13 March: 9,227
  • From: Leicester

What we know: Sammy Jones summarised her Love Island experience on Instagram as “surreal and short lived.”

She entered Love Island during Casa Amor but didn’t find a romantic connection during her three days in the villa and she left the show at the end of the process.

Cynthia Otseh-Taiwo

  • Age: 25
  • Handle: cynthiataiwo_
  • Followers on 12 February: 1,361
  • Followers on 13 March: 9,090
  • From: North London

What we know: Cynthia Otseh-Taiwo is a dental receptionist and a baker. She shared a kiss with Casey O’Gorman during her time in Casa Amor but failed to make it back to the main villa, with O’Gorman instead remaining in a couple with Claudia Fogarty.

Sanam Harrinanan

  • Age: 24
  • Handle: sanamiee
  • Followers on 12 February: 9,965
  • Followers on 13 March: 54,800
  • From: Bedford

What we know: Sanam Harrinanan was the only girl to make it back to the main villa after coupling up with Kai Fagan and she has progressed all the way to the Love Island final.

Before entering the villa she was a social worker in Bedford.

Lydia Karakyriakou

  • Age: 22
  • Handle: lydiakarax
  • Followers on 12 February: 31,400
  • Followers on 13 March: 89,000
  • From: Glasgow

What we know: Lydia Karakyriakou is a retail customer assistant. She shared a kiss with Tom Clare during her time at Casa Amor but she did not make it back to the main villa at the end of the process.

Lynda Flix

  • Age: 22
  • Handle: lyndaflix
  • Followers on 12 February: 5,676
  • Followers on 13 March: 12,700
  • From: Salford

What we know: Lynda Flix is a healthcare assistant and a singer. She entered the villa at Casa Amor but didn’t find a connection with any of the islanders during her time in the villa.


Kain Reed

  • Age: 21
  • Handle: kain.reed
  • Followers on 12 February: 5,675
  • Followers on 13 March: 14,900
  • From: Gateshead

What we know: Kaine Reed entered Love Island during Casa Amor and left the villa at the end of the process. He has remained friends with islanders Ryan Weekley and Bayley Mummery and he has shared several snaps with them since leaving the villa.

Ryan Weekley

  • Age: 22
  • Handle: ryanweekley1
  • Followers on 12 February: 3,447
  • Follower on 13 March: 33,700
  • From: Nottingham

What we know: Ryan Weekley is a 22-year-old steel erector from Nottingham. Weekley set his sights on Sammie Elishi during his time at Casa Amor but left the villa when she remained faithful to Tom Clare.

Frankie Davey

  • Age: 22
  • Handle: frankie_davey
  • Followers on 12 February: 21,100
  • Followers on 13 March: 30,500
  • From: Ipswich

What we know: Frankie Davey is an unbeaten boxer with a record of four victories and one draw. He joined the villa during Casa Amor but failed to couple up with anyone during the process.

Maxwell Samuda

  • Age: 23
  • Handle:maxwells_16
  • Followers on 12 February: 12,200
  • Followers on 13 March: 39,500
  • From: London

What we know: Maxwell Samuda was one of the two male contestants from Casa Amor to return to the main villa. He coupled up with Olivia Hawkins but was later voted out by the public on 5 March.

Bayley Mummery

  • Age: 25
  • Handle: bayley_mummery
  • Followers on 12 February: 2,889
  • Followers on 13 March: 9,261
  • From: Surrey

What we know: Operations manager Bayley Mummery describes himself as in touch with his feelings and prides himself on realness. He set his sight on Sammie Elishi during his time at Casa Amor but didn’t return to the main villa with Elishi remaining faithful to Tom Clare.

Martin Akinola

  • Age: 27
  • Handle: mart1n.jr
  • Followers on 12 February: 5,002
  • Followers on 13 March: 21,300
  • From: Dublin

What we know: Martin Akinola is a software engineer and a close friend of former contestant Dami Hope. He recouple with Tanya Manhenga during his time at Casa Amor but was later voted out of the show when she recoupled with Shaq Muhammad.

Later Bombshells

Claudia Fogarty

Age: 28

Handle: claudiafogarty

Followers on 8 February: 31,200

Followers on 13 March: 256,000

From: Blackburn

What we know: Claudia Fogarty is a 28-year-old businesswoman who is based in Blackburn. Fogarty owns a clothing boutique named Storm Fashion which she runs alongside her influencer sister Danielle. She is the daughter of former I’m A Celebrity..Get Me Out Of Here winner Carl Fogarty.

Fogarty was coupled up with Casey O’Gorman but she was voted out of the villa later in the show when he recoupled with Rosie Seabrook.

Rosie Seabrook

  • Age: 24
  • Handle:rosieseabrook
  • Followers on 13 March: 31,300
  • From: Buckinghamshire

What we know: Rosie Seabrook is an industry placement advisor from Buckinghamshire. She coupled up with Casey O’Gorman during her time in the Love Island villa.

The pair were voted out of the show on 10 March.