Middle aged Love Island: what has ITV said about The Romance Retreat, how to apply, when could it be released?

They are asking for ‘vibrant single parents’ looking for love to apply for the new show

ITV have announced that a new Love Island spin-off featuring “middle-aged” singletons is in the works.

Titled “The Romance Retreat”, the new show is aimed at single parents and will follow the same format as Love Island complete with luxury villa, but it has not been confirmed if there will be a cash prize at the end.

ITV have released a casting call for the brand new series, calling for “vibrant single parents” looking for love to apply.

Former Big Brother presenter Davina McCall has already hinted she could be the spin-off’s host, revealing she is “begging ITV” to let her “present mid-life Love Island”.

So, what is middle aged Love Island and when could it be coming to ITV? Here’s everything we know so far.

What is middle aged Love Island?

The new Love Island spin-off, which ITV have named “The Romance Retreat”, will see ten hopeful single parents look for love in the villa.

ITV have released a callout looking for “vibrant single parents” for The Romance Retreat (Photo: ITV/ The Romance Retreat)

The new series is looking for “vibrant single parents” looking for love, with the catch being, they can only be nominated by their children.

It’s not yet known if the series will follow the same format as Love Island and will include a cash prize, however judging by the villa included alongside the casting call, the singletons can expect to stay in a luxurious setting.

What has ITV said about The Romance Retreat?

ITV has released an official casting call for the new spin-off series asking for “vibrant single parents from across the UK who are in search of love”.

Their synopsis of what we can expect from the new reality dating show says: “ITV1 are looking for vibrant single parents from across the UK who are in search of love, for a brand new dating show! This is the ONLY dating show where single parents can search for love, by spending time in a luxury retreat, where all the parents have been nominated by their grown up children.”

The callout also gave potential contestants a sneak peak of the luxury villa, complete with sunny blue skies and a wrap around glass balcony.

How can you apply?

Contestants must be single parents who have been nominated by their children. To put your parent forward all you have to do is fill out an application on ITV’s website.

Applications opened on Monday 16 January and will close on Friday 31 March 2023 at 11.59 pm.

Who could host The Romance ?

Former Big Brother host Davina McCall is “begging ITV” to let her “present mid-life Love Island”.

Speaking to Steven Bartlett on his podcast The Diary of a CEO, McCall explained she had been calling on producers to create a spin-off with “interesting people” who have “lived a life”.

Davina McCall could be presenting the new Love Island spin-off (Photo: Getty Images)

McCall said: “I’ve got no embarrassment or shame about emailing a TV company or head of a TV company, and going, ‘Have you thought about this? What about this? Can I present that if it happens? Can I do this?’” She added: “I’m literally begging ITV to let me present mid-life Love Island. I could fill a villa in Love Island with the best back stories you have ever heard in your life.”

McCall continued: “They’ve lived a life! They’re widows, they’re people who have been through horrific divorces, they’re people who have split up with somebody and decided they want to try to go out with somebody the same sex as them. They’re interesting people! I’d watch that show.”

When asked if ITV had replied to her request to let her present the spin-off, McCall replied: “They said, ‘We’re looking at something else that is quite similar, we might consider you for that.’”

Where will it be filmed?

The exact location of the series has not been revealed by ITV, however they did give potential contestants a sneak peak of the luxurious villa. If the spin-off series is anything like Love Island, the ten singletons could expect the location to be warm and sunny, with popular locations for the reality dating show including South Africa and Mallorca, Spain.

When could the release date be?

The closing dates for contestants to apply for the series is the end of March 2023, making it possible that The Romance Retreat could be coming to our screens in late 2023 or sometime in early 2024.