Sneakerhead: Dave release date, trailer, and cast with Hugo Chegwin, Big Zuu, and Alexa Davies

Big Zuu and Hugo Chegwin star in a new three-episode sitcom on Dave, all about the workers in a Sports Direct style shop

Sneakerhead, a new comedy from the producers of People Just Do Nothing, is coming to Dave on Wednesday 13 July.

The series, which stars Hugo Chegwin and Big Zuu, is a three-episode sitcom set in a shoe shop a little like a Sports Direct.

Here’s everything you need to know about Sneakerhead.

What is Sneakerhead about?

Russell (Hugo Chegwin) is one of the many longsuffering employees of Sports Depot. He is a certified sneakerhead, working there for the love of the trainers - he certainly isn’t there for the money.

The official synopsis goes on to explain that “Sneakerhead follows the hopeless, underpaid, demotivated but ultimately funny as hell working life of youth, cemented by camaraderie, and an ironic sense of flogging massive sports brands when they have no interest in sport.”

Who stars in Sneakerhead?

Big Zuu as Mulenga, Francesca Mills as Jemma, Hugo Chegwin as Russell, Mark Silcox as Edgars, and Lucia Keskin as Amber, all wearing turquoise Sports Depot uniforms (Credit: Jack Barnes/UKTV)

Hugo Chegwin stars as Russell, a longstanding and longsuffering employee at Sports Depot. Chegwin is best known for starring in People Just Do Nothing, where he played DJ Beats, but you may also have seen him in Channel 4’s The Curse earlier this year.

Big Zuu plays Mulenga, part-time entrepreneur, future millionaire, and Sports Depot employee. Big Zuu is a musician and chef, best known as the Bafta-winning host of Big Zuu’s Big Eats. Sneakerhead is his first acting role.

They’re joined by Alexa Davies (Dead Pixels), Francesca Mills (Harlots, Pistol), Mark Silcox (Man Like Mobeen) and Lucia Keskin (Big Boys).

Who writes and directs Sneakerhead?

The series was written by Gillian Roger Park, a BAFTA Scotland new talent who has previously worked on BBC Three comedy The Young Offenders and HBO sitcom Avenue 5.

Simon Neal, who previously directed episodes of Chewing Gum and Youngers, has directed all three episodes of Sneakerhead.

Is there a trailer?

Yes, there is! You can watch it right here.

When and how can I watch Sneakerhead?

Sneakerhead will begin on Wednesday 13 July at 10pm on Dave, with new episodes available weekly.

You’ll also be able to watch the show online on UKTV Play, where all three episodes will be available as a boxset from launch.

How many episodes is Sneakerhead?

There are three episodes in the first series of Sneakerhead, each around half an hour long.

Where is Sneakerhead set?

Sneakerhead is set in Peterborough, which is just outside Cambridge.

Does it have anything to do with Sneakerheads?

Sneakerheads – plural – was a Netflix comedy about a shoe-loving stay-at-home dad on a hunt for a particularly elusive and even more expensive pair of trainers. 6 episodes were produced, and nearly two years later it has yet to be officially recommissioned or cancelled.

It has nothing to do with the similarly-named Dave comedy, but I had a wordcount to meet, so here we are.

Why should I watch Sneakerhead?

You’ll want to check out Sneakerhead if you’ve enjoyed shows like People Just Do Nothing and Peacock – with many of the same people involved in each, this looks set to have a similar sense of humour and will likely appeal to fans of either show.