Pot Noodle Christmas Dinner: festive flavour makes return after 12 years - where to buy

The Pot Noel has returned to stores for first time since 2010

<p>Will you be trying it out? (Photo: Asda/Pot Noodle)</p>

Will you be trying it out? (Photo: Asda/Pot Noodle)

Pot Noodle fans will be excited to hear that the Christmas flavour has returned to stores for the first time in 12 years. A number of shoppers have posted online that it is the first time that they have seen the flavour since 2010.

This is everything you need to know about new Pot Noodle - including what flavour it is, where to buy, and the reaction from those who have tried it.

What’s the flavour - where can I buy it?

The festive Pot Noodle flavour is that of “Christmas Dinner”, affectionately called the The Pot Noel.

The Christmas Dinner-flavoured Pot Noodle was seen for the first time in Asda stores by eagle eyed fans.

One person posted a picture on the Instagram page of NewFoodsUk with the caption: “New Limited Edition Pot Noodle Cracker! Which includes a brand new flavour Christmas Dinner. We spotted this in Asda.”

How much is it to buy the new Pot Noodle Christmas flavour?

According to fans, it is 10p more expensive than it was 12 years ago and was priced at just £1.10 in 2010.

The limited edition flavour is slightly more expensive than the other Pot Noodle products - a 90g pot of Chicken and Mushroom flavour is priced at £1, likewise Pot Noodle Beef and Tomato is also £1.

Is the new Pot Noodle Christmas flavour available in other stores?

The Pot Noodle Christmas flavour has only been spotted in Asda stores so far by fans. Unilever are yet to release a statement regarding the product, so it remains unclear whether the Pot Noel will make its way into other stores across the UK.

What has been the reaction to the Pot Noodle Christmas flavour?

Several Pot Noodle fans have expressed their delight at the return of Pot Noel after a 12 year hiatus. One fan said: “Had it in 2010, been looking out for it every year since.”

While another commented: “I’ll be adding this straight on to my xmas shopping list.”

However, not all fans were convinced by the prospect of a Christmas dinner themed Pot Noodle.

One shopper said: “Christmas dinner flavour, nae sure aboot that!

What other Pot Noodles flavours have made a comeback this year?

The Pot Noel is not the only flavour to make a comeback in 2022. Earlier this year in July, Unilever made the decision to reintroduce the Abra Kebabra Doner Kebab flavour for the first time in nine years.

The kebab-themed Pot Noodle was met with mixed reviews from fans across the country. One shopper said: “I have waited years for these to come back. I’m feeling quite emotional right now.”

While other shoppers described the flavour as “Grim” and as a “nightmare”.

What other festive products have been launched?

A whole host of different festive products are arriving in UK stores across the country as the build up to Christmas begins to get underway.

Aldi have launched a special pigs in blankets pizza in preparation for the festive season, while John Lewis will exclusively be selling Quality Street Honeycomb Crunch chocolate in their stores for the first time since 2018.