October horoscopes 2022: what this month has in store for your star sign, according to an astrologer

Whether you’re a Scorpio, Aries or Libra, here’s what astrologer Nicolas Aujula predicts that you can expect this month

Moon (Getty Images)Moon (Getty Images)
Moon (Getty Images)

Many people will find themselves overburdened as they struggle to say no, however others will find their mindset transformed after taking a more spiritual approach to daily life, according to an astrologer.

Nicolas Aujula, a psychic who claims to have predicted Covid-19, has racked up almost 9,000 Instagram followers alongside a host of positive reviews from the countless people he has helped with Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Inner Child Therapy and Soul Healing.

The globally published astrologer has revealed a selection of key dates to be aware of throughout October, alongside his predictions for each star sign.

Libras will be eagerly anticipating their birthday and Nicolas claims this month will be enjoyable but important choices about their love life will have to be made. Meanwhile, Scorpios could hinder their progress this month if they focus too much on old habits.

Nicolas’ predictions for your star sign and the key dates mentioned could be useful if you’re planning on making a big decision this month. Keep reading to find out what October may have in store for you.

Key dates

  • Oct 1-3: Mercury opposite Neptune:mind can be clouded, miscommunication, be careful of deception, ideas can be unclear, hard to focus
  • Oct 6-7: Mercury trine Pluto:big ideas surface, great to rebuild relationships with others, communication is direct and focused,
  • Oct 9-15: Mars square Neptune:low vitality, need to rest more, hard to complete tasks, be careful of underhanded tactics, hard to defend yourself
  • Oct 11-12: Sun trine Saturn:sense of achievement, work efforts go very well, able to get things done and shine, practical approach to matters
  • Oct 13-14: Venus trine Saturn: stable friendships and connections, great time to make investments, ideal to make big purchases
  • Oct 18-19: Venus trine Mars: passions run high, new romantic connections, fulfilling sexual encounters, social parties and events that go well
  • Oct 21-16: Sun conjunct Venus:need for social interactions, avoid being lazy, seek pleasure that is great for going out to have fun, new connections can be made now


March 21 - April 1: Learning to embrace peace and calm is essential now as you realise how your aggressive behaviours can push people away and interactions with others can be strained. You need to sit down and understand the triggers more clearly. It’s time to sit down to have open conversations with those whom you have differences with.


April 20 - May 20: You have to push forward with determination, patience and being pragmatic this month in all situations. It’s best to focus on the tangible, what you can see and touch as opposed to lofty impractical dreams. This can be an important month where you realise what dreams are practical and which are not, this comes with disappointment when accepting the truth of illusions that are not right for you.

Horoscopes by Astrologer Nicolas Aujula (Nicolas Aujula)Horoscopes by Astrologer Nicolas Aujula (Nicolas Aujula)
Horoscopes by Astrologer Nicolas Aujula (Nicolas Aujula)


May 21 - June 20: October is about getting back to basics – you can question “what really matters to me”, you’ll discover it’s the most simple things you begin to value. So simplify your life and declutter your mind and life of what serves no purpose. Letting go can be liberating.


June 21 - July 22: It is important to find balance between your career and personal life this month, don’t sacrifice one for the other as you’ll otherwise create strife with friends and family. You will need support, so be sure to be there for them as well. Watch out for being overburdened and tired at times by work. Remember when to say no.


July 23 - August 22: Stick to what you know despite the temptation to expand yourself into new areas, now is not the time to do as you are too scattered. Instead focus on the strengths you’ve developed so far. Stay calm, and be patient with yourself when getting things done. Patience will pay off.


August 23 – September 22: Take a more spiritual approach to your daily life, as you seek answers to yourself and the world at large. Reading, courses, workshops etc can prove to be life changing and transformative to your greater knowledge. Inner work can bring outer success in months to come.


September 23 - October 22: This month you can find romantic and platonic relationships are both fun and supportive. You will gain some beautiful memories with someone special, especially towards the second half of the month. Expect to make some important choices in your love life. Go out and enjoy yourself, try somewhere you would not usually visit.


October 23 - November 21: You can feel a boost to your charisma and confidence that allows you to go after what you heart desire from that romantic connection to better job roles. Try not to stick with your old habits, as they can hinder your progress, try new innovative approaches for best results. Think outside the box.


November 22 - December 21: It can feel like things are moving at a snail’s pace but in reality you have been creating the groundwork for success that will come in due course. Keep positive and focused. Working those extra hours will pay off in the long run.


December 22 - January 19: Empathy and communication are important lessons to learn this month as you will be having sensitive conversations with those in your life. You don’t always need to point out the obvious. Let people be themselves and learn their own lessons.


January 20 - February 18: Situations that you have been brushing under the carpet can resurface with a vengeance that there is no option but to deal with them head on. Don’t run away from the truth or your responsibilities, the only way to move ahead is to find solutions by working with others.


February 19 - March 20: An amazing opportunity can appear out of the blue that you should grasp with both hands, don’t let fear stand in your way just realise you deserve it and can do it. Positive self talk can really help you make things happen.