Is Amazon Alexa down UK? Why is it not working today for some users - how to fix an unresponsive Alexa device

Is Amazon Alexa down for you?

A flurry of Amazon Alexa users have taken to Twitter with the same question - is Alexa down?

Here’s what we know so far about Amazon Alexa being down and we’ll update the story as more information comes to light today (31 October 2022).

Is Amazon Alexa down UK?

As Twitter was awash with users detailing their issues with Amazon Alexa, online website has also reported a surge in complaints.

By 3pm today, there were more than 1,000 outages reported on the website, which tracks real time problems and monitors outages.

It collects reports from a series of sources, including Twitter.

It shows that the problem begin at 12noon and is yet to be resolved, with 94% of the problems reported due to a server connection issue.

Far fewer, 4%, are reporting a problem with the app and 2% are reporting a problem with the website. There are reports it could extend beyond Alexa, to Fitbits and Ring products.

What are people saying about Amazon Alexa being down?

One Twitter user said: “Alexa isn’t working which means I can’t turn on any of my lights. If it’s not fixed soon I’ll just be sitting here in pitch black  #alexadown #toodependentontechnology Also, literally nothing on the @AmazonUK twitter feed about it? C’mon guys.”

Another said: “Also having this issue which seems to be impacting @ring cameras too. Can we have an update @AmazonUK? #alexadown.”

One more added: “Is #alexadown @AmazonUK? all devices are showing offline.”

And it’s more widespread than you think, with another saying: “Oh well at least it’s not just me! #alexadown”

Has Amazon responded to the complaints?

At the time of writing, Amazon hasn’t responded to the problems people are experiencing in the UK through their @AmazonHelp Twitter account.

It has directed some users experiencing problems to the troubleshooting steps on its website.

Some users have had success in resetting their Alexas by turning it off, unplugging and then plugging it back in again to the main electric socket.

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