What animal do you see? Half of viewers cannot spot ‘hidden’ creature in optical illusion

Two creatures can be spotted in the image, but some viewers struggle to pick out both

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A clever optical illusion asks viewers to pick out a hidden animal within an image, but half of people are unable to see it.

The picture, shared on TikTok by presenter Dean Jackson, depicts a frog sitting on the ground, while looking out at what appears to be a pond or grassland.

Mr Jackson says that half of people pick out the frog straight away when they see the image and cannot see the second creature hiding within the picture.

What animal do you see? (Photo: TikTok / @beatonthebeeb)What animal do you see? (Photo: TikTok / @beatonthebeeb)
What animal do you see? (Photo: TikTok / @beatonthebeeb)

What animal do you see?

The illusion contains both a frog and a horse, but half of people struggle to see the latter when looking at the image, according to Mr Jackson.

In the video posted on TikTok, he says: “Half of people who see this picture see a frog.

“The other half are meant to see a horse looking upwards.

“I couldn’t see the horse so I made some enhancements and I’ll bring those out in a moment, but if you can see it already, would you put ‘step one’ [in the comments].”

Some users said they were able to pick out both creatures straight away once they knew what to look for in the image, with some saying they actually spotted the horse before the frog.

One user said: “Step 1. Saw the horse immediately, and then saw the frog just before you said it was a frog.”

Another wrote: “I saw the horse first.”

“Step 1 but only when you told me there was a horse”, a third added.

Mr Jackson then changed the shading in the image to make the horse easier to pick out, inviting users to comment “step two” if this helped them to see it.

Can you pick out the horse in the image? (Photo: TikTok / @beatonthebeeb)Can you pick out the horse in the image? (Photo: TikTok / @beatonthebeeb)
Can you pick out the horse in the image? (Photo: TikTok / @beatonthebeeb)

Several people said the horse was visible after this, but many still struggled to make it out.

Mr Jackson added: “Still can’t see it? Then let me change the orientation of the drawing so it’s looking to the left now.

“Can you see the horse now? If so, please post ‘step three’. If you still can’t see it post ‘what horse?!’”

The final step proved helpful for many although some said they could not see the horse at all, even after the colour enhancement and rotation of the image.

One user said: “Step 3! but after that, it took me ages to see the frog again with the picture the right way up.”

“Step 3 I have bad eyes”, a second person wrote.

Another added: “what horse there is no horse just a frog.”

“I CAN’T SEE THE HORSE AT ALL”, said a third.

Meanwhile, several users said they could see completely different animals to the frog and the horse, with people commenting that they saw a chicken, a fish and the face of a woman.

One person said: “Saw a woman’s face, then the horse, then when you said frog, I immediately saw that, too. After seeing the frog, I couldn’t see the woman anymore. Odd.”

Can you see the elephant?

The illusion is similar to another image shared by TikTok star Hectic Nick that asks viewers to find the hidden animal in a forest scene.

The image depicts a man who appears to be hunting in a forest, armed with a gun in his hand, but there is also an elephant hiding within in the picture.

However, Hectic Nick claims that only 1% of people are able to pick it out.

(Photo: TikTok / @hecticnick)(Photo: TikTok / @hecticnick)
(Photo: TikTok / @hecticnick)

Posting the illusion, he says: “Only one per cent of people can find the hidden elephant in this image.

“It’s not easy, but try flipping your phone over and you might be able to find it.”

The image left some viewers baffled as they struggled to find the elephant in the inverted image, with one user commenting: “I took ten hours to find this”.

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