Are you a natural born leader? Find out with new optical illusion which reveals your workplace personality

This illusion will reveal how your colleagues view you

<p>There’s an animal hidden in this optical illusion - and what you see reveals something about your workplace personality</p>

There’s an animal hidden in this optical illusion - and what you see reveals something about your workplace personality

If you ever wondered what type of employee you are, then this is your chance to find out.

This brightly coloured optical illusion has got an animal hidden in it, and if you correctly identify it, it reveals something about your personality and your workplace persona. Do you think you know which animal is staring back at you in the image?

Read on to find out what the image shows, how the illusion works and what it says about your personality.

What does the image show?

The design features the outline of a specific animal hidden cleverly amongst a set of brightly coloured lines, with the aim of tricking the eyes of those that try to decipher it.

Because the lines are laid so closely together, for many, the pattern can produce a rather hypnotic effect, making it harder to spot the cleverly concealed image. But, the question is, how quickly can you read between the lines?

We don’t reveal which animal is hidden in the image yet, but the answer is given below.

For now, take another look at the image to see if you can identify the animal.

If you’re struggling to uncover the animal hidden within, here’s a clue for you; they are the only family of cat’s that live in groups, or ‘prides’.

There’s an animal hidden in this optical illusion - and what you see reveals something about your workplace personality

Where has the image come from?

The image has been created and shared by printing specialists Instantprint.

What is the animal hidden in the image?

The animal hidden in the image is a lion - and if you correctly identified it then that means you are a natural born leader.

Natural born leaders, or those with lion personality types, are often strong decision makers in the workplace. If your personality type is a lion, you’re likely to be proactive, loyal, and determined.

As a lion personality type, you’re often seen as the one to turn to when guidance in the business is needed, and can offer those around you much-needed reassurance. This all means you have strong relationships with many of those around you.

You are also not afraid to speak up and voice your opinion when it comes to giving feedback to your team. While others within the workplace may not always like this approach, they tend to value your feedback as they know it’s for the greater good of the team.

A lion is a natural born leader in the animal kingdom.

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