What do you see first? Image you spot in optical illusion painting reveals your least attractive trait

The way you interpret optical illusions is said to reveal insights into your personality, including what people secretly find least attractive about you

Optical illusions are fun ways to test how our brains work and also thought to reveal hidden insights into our personality.

Many illusions can be interpreted in just one of two ways, with research suggesting those who can switch between the images at speed are more creative.

Creative minded people are said to be more right-brain oriented, meaning they tend to be intuitive and visual.

By comparison, those who are more left-brain oriented tend to me more logical and analytical, and will pay more attention to detail.

But optical illusions are also said to tell us about our characteristics, such as if we are more introverted or outgoing, as well as what other people think of us.

What do you see first?

This unusual painting by Ukrainian artist Oleg Shuplyak supposedly reveals the personality trait that people find the least attractive about you.

What image do you see first? (Photo: Oleg Shuplyak / Your Tango)What image do you see first? (Photo: Oleg Shuplyak / Your Tango)
What image do you see first? (Photo: Oleg Shuplyak / Your Tango)

Four different images are hidden within the illusion and what you see first supposedly gives away your least attractive trait, according to Your Tango.

Shakespeare’s face

If the first thing you spotted was the face of William Shakespeare, your least attractive quality is said to be your ego.

These people are likely to be quite confident, but can often be interpreted as having an inflated ego, or ironically, a lack of true confidence.

Forcing opinions on others can be off-putting to others and could potentially keep love interests away.

A woman lying a bed

If you spotted a woman lying in a bed at first glance, your least attractive quality is said to be your sloppiness.

You are likely not a very organised person and a tendency to be messy could be a turn off to potential life partners.

A man wearing a turban

If you saw a man wearing a turban when you first looked at the image, it is said that you can be a jealous person and this can be an unattractive quality to others.

A tendency to be jealous can rear its head in relationships which can make both your partner, and those around you, feel uncomfortable, and it signifies a lack of trust.

The rose on a stage floor

If you noticed the rose on the stage floor at first glance, your naivete is said to be your least attractive trait.

Speaking before you think can give people the impression of innocence or lack of knowledge.

Taking a moment to collect your thoughts first will help you better organise what you want to say and figure things out on your own without having to ask others for help.

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