Did Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine? Footage of the Don’t Worry Darling cast at premiere in Venice leaves fans baffled

The Don’t Worry Darling drama continues as a video goes viral in which Harry Styles appears to spit into the lap of Chris Pine

Pop star turned actor Harry Styles is now at the centre of the Don’t Worry Darling controversies.

During the premiere of the movie at the Venice Film Festival the cast all sat together to watch its debut - a video of the moment Harry arrived at the screening has gone viral.

The 28-year-old, who is from Redditch, sauntered up to his front row seat wearing a dark blue Gucci suit.

Before he sat down it appears that he may have spit downwards into the lap of his co-star Chris Pine.

Fans are speculating that Harry Styles may have spit on Chris Pine.

Fans have been dissecting the clip second by second on social media to determine if Harry did in fact do such a thing.

Chris had a visible reaction in the video - he looked down at his leg and looked confused by what had just happened.

But when he looks up at Harry the singer does not acknowledge that anything is out of the ordinary.

Cast of Don’t Worry Darling at the premiere of the film.

Chris was sat in between Harry and director Olivia Wilde at the time - Olivia and Harry are reportedly dating but they did not share any intimate moments during the premiere.

This bizarre interaction has fans speculating online with many searching for meaning behind the incident.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Harry Styles appears to spit on Chris Pine, I won’t sleep until I know the truth.”

Cast of Don’t Worry Darling on the red carpet at Venice Film Festival.

Another wrote: “The Don’t Worry Darling drama is getting more and more absurd, like what do you mean Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine.”

“Someone needs to begin a full fledged investigation into what happened on that Don’t Worry Darling set… What do you mean Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine on national television?” said another confused fan on Twitter.

It is possible that Chris was looking down at his seat as that is where he had placed his sunglasses, but the majority of fans on social media seem to agree that Harry was up to mischief in the clip.

Harry wore a blue Guccie suit to the premiere of the film.

This is just one example of messy drama that has surrounded the Don’t Worry Darling movie.

From Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles starting a romance on set to Shia LaBeouf being allegedly fired, the entire project has been tainted by rumours.

Lead actress Florence Pugh has refused to do press for the film but did not interact with half of the cast during the red carpet at Venice Film Festival.

Chris Pine on the red carpet for Don’t Worry Darling.

The 1950s inspired film is said to be a psychological thriller - Harry plays Jack Chambers, husband of Alice Chambers (played by Florence Pugh) in the movie.

Chris Pine plays the role of Frank who is Jack’s boss in the film.

Don’t Worry Darling will be released in UK cinemas on 23 September 2022.