Made in Chelsea’s Louise Thompson admits to sometimes forgetting that she has a baby as she continues to suffer from PTSD

Made in Chelsea’s Louise Thompson, 32, has experienced forgettihas a baby - as her PTSD and health struggles continue.

<p>Louise Thompson revealed that giving birth to son Leo-Hunter, left her with PTSD and perinatal anxiety. (Photo credit: Instagram/louise.thompson) </p>

Louise Thompson revealed that giving birth to son Leo-Hunter, left her with PTSD and perinatal anxiety. (Photo credit: Instagram/louise.thompson)

Louise Thompson has been diagnosed with PTSD after suffering complications while giving birth to her son Leo-Hunter.

The Former Made in Chelsea star, 32, explained that she has even had moments of forgetting that she has a baby due to her health struggles.

Since the birth of her son, Leo, in December, Louise has been regularly giving her Instagram followers an insight into her ongoing battle with post-traumatic stress disorder and perinatal anxiety.

PTSD is an anxiety disorder that is triggered by very stressful life events, such as a serious road accident, sexual assult, robbery or childbirth. Perinatal anxiety is a term used to describe the distressing feelings that women can experience during pregnancy and possibly up to a year after childbirth.

Speaking to her 1.4million followers recently, Louise said: "Some things are out of my control, some things are in my control.

Louise Thompson posted to her stories and revealed she ‘forgot’ she’d had a baby (Photo credit: Instagram/louise.thompson)

"Getting up, showering, makeup and getting dressed are all on automation now for a second I actually forgot I had a baby.

"Does that make me a terrible human?"

Last week, the reality star had fans concerned for her wellbeing, after sharing a photo of herself lying on a hospital bed with her arm hooked up to a drip.

This came just hours after she admitted that she was “going in and out of consciousness.”

However, she made it home a few hours later for Baby Leo’s bath time.

Louise then posted an adorable smiling selfie with her son, Leo-Hunter (Photo credit: Instagram/louise.thompson)

Louise has developed severe health issues since her son’s birth last year, and has been “on the edge” recently, since changing the dosage of her prescribed medication.

The MIC alumni nearly died twice during labour and now has PTSD. She has been admitted to hospital multiple times in the last few months. Louise is also undergoing therapy and is taking medication to ease her anxiety.

After the ordeal her son Leo-Hunter had to receive care in the neonatal intensive care unit, meanwhile she recovered in the Intensive Care Unit.

This photo made fans concerned as it shows Louise in hospital, with her arm hooked up to drip. (Photo Credit: Instagram/louise.thompson)

Earlier this week, a tearful Louise revealed her darkest moment was when she forgot that she even had a baby.

She told her followers that she longs to feel “normal”, instead of feeling as though she’s “losing hope and losing days”.

While posting a multitude of photos doting over her child, she confessed that at times she feels as though she’s “drowning and someone has thrown her a child.”

Louise Thompson

Reality TV Personality

Louise Thompson is a British reality television personality, best known for appearing in the E4 reality series Made in Chelsea.

In September 2011, Louise became a regular cast member on the second series of Made in Chelsea, having previously only made brief appearances in the first series of the show.

The long-running British reality show came with its fair share of drama, from cheating scandals to friendship bust-ups, and Thompson was involved in quite a few during her nine years on the show.

In 2012, Louise co-founded a fashion business called Pocket London, which initially manufactured denim products, however, by 2017 this had switched to activewear and the name changed to Pocket Sport.

Louise announced in December 2014, that she would be competing in the second series of ITV’s The Jump, where she reached the final and finished in fourth place.

The former Made in Chelsea star, runs a fitness website, called Live Like Louise, which includes transformation packages and home workout plans.

She also released a book about fitness and food in 2018, called Live Well with Louise.

Louise Thompson made headlines in September 2018, when the Advertising Standards Authority criticised her for not clearly marking her Instagram stories as adverts, when promoting beauty brands to her 1.4 million followers. She went on to publicly apologise for the mistake.

In October of last year, a fire broke out at Louise’s mum’s house, where the heavily pregnant reality TV star, her fiancé Ryan and their dogs were staying while their own home renovations were underway.

The couple are known for their active online presence, and due to the lack of social media activity during this stressful time, fans speculated that Louise might have given birth.

  • Louise Thompson was born on 26 March 1990, in South Kensington, London - making her 32 years old.
  • Thompson attended Downe House School in Berkshire, before moving on to study Geography at the University of Edinburgh, where she graduated in 2013.
  • She has been engaged to fellow MIC star, boyfriend Ryan Libbey since 2018.
  • The couple share one son, Leo-Hunter who they welcomed in December 2021.
  • Her lavish London home is frequently a backdrop to photos on Instagram. 
  • Thompson reportedly has a net worth of £1.2 million.


Alexandra “Binky “ Felstead

Binky Felstead is a British TV personality, born on 14 June 1990, in London - making her 32 years old.

Felstead, who is considered MIC royalty, is one of Louise’s best friends and they have been close since the beginning of Made in Chelsea. It has been reported that only one of Louise Thompson’s friends has met her baby son, Leo-Hunter, and this is believed to have been Felstead.

They have a strong friendship that has faced all the drama, fights, and toxic break-ups that happened during the show.

Binky married Businessman Max Darnton, in Chelsea, in July 2021, and then a year later they tied the knot again, in Corfu Greece. The couple share a son, one year old, Wolfe, and Binky also has a daughter, India, five, which she shares with ex-partner Josh Patterson.

Rosie Fortescue

Rosie Fortescue, Alexandra ‘Binky’ Felstead and Louise Thompson of Made in Chelsea attend an event in New York City - 2014. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Rosie Fortescue is a British TV personality and jewellery designer, born on 3 January 1990, in London.

Fortescue and Thompson are childhood friends, and they attended Downe House High School together. Rosie is another one of Made in Chelsea’s original cast members, starring alongside Louise, Binky and others such as Ollie Locke and Cheska Hull.

After leaving Made in Chelsea, Fortescue, 32, launched her own affordable jewellery line, called Rosie Fortescue, alongside this she also works as a model.

She is currently single, but has previously dated musician Miles Kane, and fellow Made in Chelsea alumni, Hugo Taylor.

Zara McDermott

Zara McDermott is a British media personality, born on 14 December 1996, in Havering, Essex, England.

Prior to appearing on Made in Chelsea, she was a contestant on the fourth series of Love Island, where she entered as a “bombshell,” coupled up with Adam Collard and was dumped from the villa 10 days later.

Almost one year later, in May 2019, Zara began dating Louise’s little brother, Sam Thompson. She then became a regular cast member on Made in Chelsea, and was involved in a lot of their stories and drama.

A year into their relationship, she brought some drama herself, when she cheated on Sam, and they split up. This played out in series 20 of the show, showing the arguments, tears and pleading by Zara for another chance.

It was later revealed that they got back together, and have since left Made in Chelsea, saying that reality TV is ‘hard on the soul.’

Personal Life 

All of Louise Thompson’s relationships have been played out on-screen in episodes of Made in Chelsea for nine years.

Louise was in a relationship with British entrepreneur, Spencer Matthews, between 2011 and 2013.

They are known as being one of the iconic original Made in Chelsea couples, and they came with a lot of drama which unfolded on-screen. Matthews cheated on Thompson with Lucy Watson, Stephanie Pratt and ex-girlfriend Funda Önal.

Louise then went on to date American business owner and artist, Alik Alfus, who she first met when Made in Chelsea did a New York City spin-off, in 2014.

Alfus was the only cast member of Made in Chelsea: NYC that made it onto the actual, London-based reality series. After two years together, Louise told Alik that she didn’t love him anymore and they broke up.

However, it was later revealed that Thompson was in contact with Ryan Libbey, a London- based Personal trainer, that she had met in 2015. They began “officially” dating a few months after she separated from Alik.

Louise Thompson then began a relationship with Ryan Libbey, who became a regular cast member with her on Made in Chelsea. The couple got engaged in Los Angeles in 2018, and last year welcomed their first child together, a son called Leo-Hunter.