What time is PMQs today? When will new UK PM Liz Truss face Keir Starmer - start time, how to watch live on TV

New Conservative Party leader Liz Truss is set to take part in her first Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday

Truss overcame former chancellor Rishi Sunak by a margin of 57.4 percent in the Tory leadership race.

Truss will become the fourth prime minister in six years and the third female leader in the UK government’s history.

Like all her predecessors Truss will be greeted with an array of problems and she is beginning to assemble a new cabinet to help her tackle issues such as the cost of living crisis, high energy bills and a looming recession.

A lot of questions will be asked of the new Tory leader particularly from the opposition who are spearheaded by Keir Starmer. But when will Liz Truss face Keir Starmer at prime minister’s questions and how can you watch it on TV?

New UK prime minister Liz Truss poses with her husband Hugh O’Leary at Downing Street (Getty Images)

When will Liz Truss face Keir Starmer at Prime Minister’s Questions?

Ms Truss will face her first Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) on Wednesday 7 September.

Prime Minister’s Questions has been on a hiatus since 21 July when parliament broke for summer, but MPs will be making their return.

What time will Prime Minister’s Questions air on TV?

Prime Minister’s Questions will be televised at the usual time of 12pm. Truss will answer questions from MPs from 12pm until the end of question time at 12.30pm.

How to watch Prime Minister’s Questions on TV?

Ms Truss’s first Prime Minister’s Questions will be televised live on the UK parliament YouTube channel, as well as on BBC News and Sky News.

What to expect from Prime Minister’s Questions

Liz Truss has just begun her premiership but has already come under scrutiny from leader of the opposition Keir Starmer.

The Labour leader congratulated Truss on her victory in the party election but was quick to criticise the Conservative party. He said: “After 12 years of Tories all we have to show for it is low wages, high prices, and a Tory cost of living crisis. Only Labour can deliver the fresh start our country needs.”

Starmer continued his criticism of the new prime minister by describing her as “out of touch” due to her plans to cut corporation tax.

In a recent interview on Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg Truss said: “What’s happening is we have had relatively low growth so we’ve not had more than an average of 1% growth and that has been holding our country back.”

Starmer has been critical of Ms Truss and has accused her of ignoring the cost of living crisis. Which he has described as “the single most important thing bearing down on so many millions of households.”