Love Island prize money 2022: do contestants get paid, how much do they earn, why was steal twist scrapped?

The winning couple took home the prize money of £50,000 without having the option to split or steal

After eight weeks in the villa, the winners of Love Island 2022 have been crowned.

However, viewers last night were left confused after the traditional split or steal option was not given to the Love Island winners.

Presenter Laura Whitmore announced: “The winning couple will split a huge £50,000 and this year we are not even asking them to choose between love or money!”

There was no official reason given for dropping the split or steal option, leaving viewers frustrated.

So, how much money do Love Island winners get and do contestants get paid whilst they are on the show?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Love Island 2022 crowned their winning couple on 1 August (Pic: ITV)

How much is the Love Island prize money?

A prize of £50,000 is up for grabs for the couple who win Love Island.

How does the Love Island prize money work?

Love Island winning couples have a prize money of £50,000.

Each member of the couple is asked to pick an envelope, one which contains £0 and the other which has the full £50,000.

Whoever is lucky enough to receive the prize is then asked if they want to split it with their partner so they each receive £25,000 or take the full lump sum all for themselves.

The idea behind this twist is to show whether they really were in it for love or just for the cash.

However, this format did not feature in the Love Island 2022 final, with the winning couple not being offered an envelope and the prize money automatically being split between both of them.

Has anyone ever taken the prize money for themselves?

No contestant has ever taken all of the prize money for themselves.

However, fans love to speculate that it could happen, with many believing 2022 could have been the year.

Why was the steal twist scrapped?

Love Island have not yet confirmed why the twist was scrapped,

In last night’s final, presenter Laura Whitmore announced the news when introducing the show.

She said: “The winning couple will split a huge £50,000 and this year we are not even asking them to choose between love or money!”

Adding: “Our couples will walk away £50,000 richer!”

The move didn’t go down well, with fans taking to social media to share their reactions.

One Twitter user @ryangrxnt said: “Not even asking them to split or steal the money?? I’ve wasted 8 weeks of my life.”

Do Love Island contestants get paid?

Love Island contestants do get paid during their time on the show, reportedly earning on average £250 a week.

In 2019 a parliamentary inquiry into Reality TV saw former Love Island contestants answer questions on how producers had influenced behaviour, the mental health support provided and how contestants had been prepared prior.

The inquiry calculated that Love Island contestants made £2.80 an hour during their time in the villa.

Adam and Paige leave the villa - Love Island 2022.

Whilst contestants will not earn much from Love Island in the villa, many contestants go on to enjoy long term lucrative deals with nightclub appearances and social media influencer status.

Contestants often go onto more reality TV shows, such as Dancing on Ice and some even end up with their own spin-off shows like You Vs. Chris & Kem.

The show can also be a stepping stone into a career in the media industry, with former Love Island contestant Olivia Attwood starring in her own investigative documentary - Getting Filthy Rich on ITV2.

However, to enjoy these opportunities contestants need to keep their public on their side during their time in the villa.