The Catch: Channel 5 release date, trailer, and cast with Jason Watkins, Aneurin Barnard, and Poppy Gilbert

Jason Watkins and Aneurin Barnard star in The Catch, a new TM Logan adaptation arriving on Channel 5 this January

The Catch, a new psychological thriller starring Jason Watkins, is coming to Channel 5 this January.

The series, which also stars Poppy Gilbert and Aneurin Barnard, is based on the novel of the same name by TM Logan.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Catch.

What’s it about?

An adaptation of TM Logan’s novel of the same name, The Catch is a psychological thriller about a close-knit fishing family disrupted by the arrival of the eldest daughter’s new boyfriend.

The official Channel 5 synopsis explains that “secrets and lies are exposed with every twist and turn, including from Ed’s own past. As he is faced with the very real possibility of losing everything he’s worked so hard to achieve, can Ed discover the truth about his daughter’s new boyfriend before it’s too late?”

Who stars in The Catch?

A promotional image for The Catch, depicting Poppy Gilbert as Abby Collier, Jason Watkins as Ed Collier, and Aneurin Barnard as Ryan Wilson. They’re being subsumed by waves. (Credit: Channel 5)

Jason Watkins plays Ed Collier, a proud local fisherman. You’ll know Watkins from all sorts of things really – he’s starred in true crime dramas like Des and The Crown, he’s been in comedies like Trollied, family shows like Doctor Who and Around the World in 80 Days, and prestige drama like Line of Duty. The list goes on!

Poppy Gilbert plays Abbie Collier, Ed’s daughter. Gilbert is probably best known for starring in the BBC One drama Chloe, but you might also recognise her from the Netflix drama Stay Close. She’s also made supporting appearances in Sherwood, The Pale Horse, and Leonardo.

Anuerin Barnard plays Ryan Wilson, a rich interloper who disrupts the Collier family. Recently, Barnard starred in the cancelled Netflix drama 1899, though you might also know him from appearances in Peaky Blinders and Time. He can soon also be seen in Ncuti Gatwa’s first Doctor Who series, playing the mysterious Roger Ap Gwilliam.

They’re joined by Brenda Fricker (My Left Foot), Cathy Belton (Philomena), Bob Chapman (Chernobyl), and Jade Jordan (Redemption) amongst others.

Who writes and directs The Catch?

Writer Michael Crompton adapted The Catch from TM Logan’s novel of the same name; Crompton, who previously contributed scripts to Silent Witness and Safe House, also worked on last year’s adaptation of TM Logan’s The Holiday.

Robert Quinn directed all four episodes of The Catch. Quinn has previously worked on The Bay and Ackley Bridge, and directed The Catch star Jason Watkins in ITV crime drama McDonald & Dodds.

Is there a trailer?

Yes, there is! You can watch it right here.

When and how can I watch The Catch?

The Catch begins on Channel 4 on Wednesday 25 January at 9pm. Unlike some other recent high-profile Channel 5 dramas, The Catch will air new episodes weekly, with its finale airing on Wednesday 15 February.

How many episodes are there?

The Catch is a four-part drama, with each episode around 45 minutes long.

Is The Catch based on a book?

Yes, it is! TM Logan’s novel of the same name was published in June 2020. It’s the second TM Logan adaptation produced by Channel 5 recently – you might remember last year’s The Holiday, which starred Jill Halfpenny and was also drawn from a Logan novel.

Why should I watch The Catch?

It’s one to watch if you’re a fan of Jason Watkins (or Gilbert or Barnard, really, both of whom have been doing lots of interesting work of late), or if you enjoyed The Holiday last year.