The Catch: how many episodes are there of Channel 5 thriller series, episode guide - when does it finish?

Channel 5 miniseries The Catch follows a fisherman who grows suspicious of

Channel 5 thriller series The Catch, starring Jason Watkins, Aneurin Barnard, and Poppy Gilbert began last month. The series is adapted from the 2020 T.M. Logan mystery novel of the same name, and follows a grieving fisherman who goes to desperate lengths to protect his family when he becomes suspicious of his daughter’s new boyfriend.

The series is directed by Robert Quinn, whose previous credits include dramas Ackley Bridge, and The Bay, and crime comedy series No Offence, and was adapted for the screen by Silent Witness writer Michael Crompton.

The Catch was filmed in Ireland, largely around Dublin, but is set in an English coastal town. This is what will happen in each episode, and when the series will end.

How many episodes of The Catch are there?

There are four episodes in the miniseries and they are being released weekly. Here is a full episode guide for The Catch season one:

The Catch is a Channel 5 thriller seriesThe Catch is a Channel 5 thriller series
The Catch is a Channel 5 thriller series

Episode one - 25 January

The first episode of the series introduces us to Ed, a proud fisherman who is still grieving the death of his son in an accident several years ago. He finds that his life begins to spiral out of control when Ryan, a mysterious and handsome man, enters his daughter’s life.

Ed becomes suspicious of his daughter’s new boyfriend immediately, and grows concerned that he will try to take her away from him. Ed seeks to dig into the man’s past to understand his motivations.

Episode two - 1 February

As Ed continues to investigate his daughter’s boyfriend, he realises that someone is spying on him, and it appears that they know a dark secret from his past that he has so far kept hidden.

Bob tells Ed that he saw George, a member of the local lifeboat crew on CCTV, heading to the boat, and suspects that he is responsible for sabotaging the vehicle, though he doesn’t know why.

Episode three - 8 February

The cloak and dagger series with more evidence about George coming out. Ed is sent a message to leave the past alone, but he is unable to do so.

Episode four - 15 February

Plot details for the final episode of The Catch have not yet been revealed. However, the finale is likely to feature a dramatic encounter between Ed, Ryan, and George, with more secrets coming to light.

Aneurin Barnard as Ryan in The CatchAneurin Barnard as Ryan in The Catch
Aneurin Barnard as Ryan in The Catch

When does The Catch finish?

The final episode of The Catch will air on Channel 5 on Wednesday 15 February at 9pm. Episodes will be available to watch on My5 shortly after they have first aired.

Will there be a second season of The Catch?

A second season of The Catch has not yet been confirmed by Channel 5 - as it is a miniseries, adapted from the T.M. Logan novel of the same name it is likely that a second season will not be made as Logan has not written a sequel. Check back here for updates on the fate of The Catch season two.

Is there a trailer for The Catch?

Yes there is, and you can watch it right here:

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