What animal do you see? Creature you see first in visual illusion reveals the best part of your personality

What you see in an optical illusion supposedly reveals insights into your personality

Optical illusions put our powers of perception to the test because everyone can interpret the same image a little differently.

It is said that what we see first in such illusions is linked to our personality, with the image we pick out revealing hidden insights into our best and worst qualities.

One illusion, shared by YourTango, is inspired by the Myers-Briggs personality test and claims to reveal your best traits based on the animal you identify first.

The Myers-Briggs Personality Type indicator is designed to identify a person’s personality type, strengths and preferences, with the four categories broken down into:

  • Introversion/extraversion
  • Sensing/intuition
  • Thinking/feeling
  • Judging/perceiving

Each person is said to have one preferred quality from each of the four categories, producing 16 unique types.

What animal do you see?

This visual illusion features eight different animals hidden within the image - and the one that you pick out first supposedly reveals the greatest aspect of your personality.

What animal do you see first? (Photo: YourTango)

The koala

If you saw the koala first, it means your best trait is your inner strength.

You have a sweet and sensitive nature and like to look out for others, but you are quick to make a stand if somebody crosses you and will call people out for mistreating you or those you care about.

The giraffe

If you saw the giraffe first, your greatest quality is your laid-back attitude, YourTango states.

While other people get caught up in worries, it takes a lot for something to rattle you and make you panic.

People find you relaxing to be around because you are so calm and your attitude to life serves as a great reminder to people around you not to fret too much about the little things.

The pig

If you saw the pig first, it means your best quality is your sense of humour.

You can always be relied upon to bring the laughs and you manage to find humour in every situation, and it is a quality that is much admired by those around you.

Eight animals are hidden within the image (Photo: YourTango)

The duck

If you saw the duck first, it means the best aspect of your personality is your loyalty.

It can take you a while to allow people into your lift, but once you do you are committed to keeping them there and those in your inner circle know you will always have their back no matter what.

The cat

If you saw the cat first, your greatest personality trait is your way with words.

You may not always speak up, but when you do people really pay attention to what you have to say.

You use your words carefully and impress everyone you meet, but people can sometimes find you a little intimidating, YourTango says.

The elephant

If you saw the elephant first, it means your best quality is how you always make an effort to include people in your life.

You are an extroverted person and love being surrounded by new and interesting people, and you make an effort to help others connect with new friends.

The bear

If you saw the bear first, your greatest personality trait is your courage.

You are brave enough to go ahead and try new things even if you are afraid, and you never hesitate to do the right thing.

The owl

If you spotted the owl first, your best quality is your intelligence.

You are smart, witty and eager to share your knowledge with other people. Friends and family will often turn to you for information and your passion to learn helps to inspire those around you.