What do you see? Image you spot first in optical illusion reveals what you hate most about your partner

What you see in this optical illusion supposedly reveals what quality you find least attractive about your partner

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Optical illusions are thought to reveal hidden details about our personality simply based on what we see.

Different illusions can supposedly tell us different things, including if we are happy or sad, what makes us feel lonely and what we crave from a relationship.

And one strange image can apparently reveal insights into our deepest feelings, including how we really feel about our romantic partners.

What do you see first?

This optical illusion, created by artist Oleg Shupilak, is said to reveal what quality you find least attractive in a romantic partner based on what you see first, according to Your Tango.

What do you see first? (Photo: Oleg Shupilak / YourTango)What do you see first? (Photo: Oleg Shupilak / YourTango)
What do you see first? (Photo: Oleg Shupilak / YourTango)

The man’s face in profile

If you saw the man’s face in profile first, it supposedly means that you dislike stubbornness in a partner.

You enjoy being with someone who is confident and can be a strong leader, but you find it frustrating when they dig their heels in and will not accept when they are wrong.

The red curtain

If you noticed the red curtain first, it means that you hate when your partner has a tendency to be dramatic.

You initially enjoyed how your partner could command attention and be entertaining around others, but this charm can quickly turn toxic when you get into an argument.

Your Tango states: “Do your best to leave when this happens. Don’t play their game, or you might wind up saying something that you will only regret later.”

The angry man

If you saw the angry man first, it means that you find a short temper the least attractive quality in a partner.

You like people who have passion, but you hate it when they have a short fuse.

It is best not to engage when they lose their temper and in time your partner will learn they need to stay calm when discussing important matters with you, Your Tango says.

The man on his knees

If you spotted the man on his knees when you first looked at this illusion, it means that you find neediness in a partner the least attractive quality.

You enjoy being made to feel special and wanted, but sometimes the attention can feel exhausting and suffocating.

Your Tango advises: “Ask for what you need and tell your partner when you need some time to yourself.

“If they’re worth keeping around they’ll understand and give you the space you need.”

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