Kanye West denies writing viral Instagram Kim Kardashian ‘diarrhea’ post as he blasts Adidas and mocks Pete Davidson

American rapper Kanye West helped model Kim Kardashian out of fraudulent social media post while keeping up his social media slander.

Kanye West has denied writing a viral post about Kim Kardashian’s bathroom habits, after continuing his spree of Instagram rants throughout Labor Day Weekend .

The US rapper, 45, who boasts over 17million Instagram followers, has been using the platform to vent about his Yeezy collaborators and family life.

A prankster used the opportunity to create a post that looks like it was written by Kanye.

“This was not from me Someone copied my style of text and wrote something not funny I know you guys gonna be disappointed but I actually didn’t write the teeet,” Kanye responded.

The original post read: “Kim has diarrhea a lot. Like way more than a normal person should have it”

Instagram/Kanye West

Thinking the post was funny, Kanye continued to write about his love for funny individuals and said that is why he can connect with comedians while giving a slight dig at Pete Davidson.

He wrote: “Cause y’all n****s is hilarious I love funny people and I think that’s one of the reasons me and Skete could’ve never been friends.

The fashion designer went on to list some of his favourite comedians including; “Me Mitch Hedberg Anthony Jeselnik Louis CK Jerrod Carmichael Deray JP Smooth Mase Elon Musk 50 Justin LaBoy GLC Eddie Murphy Sakiya Sandifer Chris Rock Larry David Kevin Hart (In Jumanji) and of course King David Dave Chapelle”

Instagram/Kanye West

Kanye’s latest stream of Instagram posts comes after he took to the platform complaining about Yeezy collaborator and Adidas chief executive, Kasper Rorsted.

Kanye didn’t approve of last months ‘Yeezy Day’ which allowed individuals to get a pair of Yeezy’s if they have missed out before.

The event has been going on since 2019 and had been working for Adidas, since Kanye’s relationship with long time rival Nike appeared to be breaking down.

The rapper has also been mocking Adidas general executive Daniel Cherry, over the weekend.

“Hi guys it’s the face of unemployment aka the face Wishing everyone a happy day off 2mrw I’ll be in retirement Which is a nice way of saying I’ll be unemployed” he wrote.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West attend the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

He shared a photo that had been heavily photoshopped to include Kid Cudi and Cherry standing next to each other and holding hands with a fake Adidas logo next to their chests.

He joking captioned it with “Hi guys I’m baaaaack Sorry to take so long to post Just had a good meeting with Kim about the schools But on another note I’m sure this pic gonna send adidas stock through the ceiling Your welcome Jing Ulrich who is on the board at adidas and JP Morgan So it makes sense now that when I wanted to sale JP Morgan went silent”

Kanye ranted about the realities of capitalism in a separate post, saying. “Venture capitalist who’s only adventure is capitalism,’ continuing, ‘Can’t create so they try to out count the creatives. Die slow.”

This all comes after Kanye spoke to ex Kim about the future of their children’s education and what would be best for them moving forward.

He took to Instagram and expressed this is “how you co-parent” with messages sent over plans for their children.

Kanye West has claimed that the homeless are an inspiration to his clothing collections

Kanye has previously spoken about his mental health and how it can make you worry about relationships with others. He has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a condition where your mood can swing from one extreme to another.

“When you’re in this state, you’re hyper-paranoid about everything,” he said in an interview with David Letterman.

Fans have been extremely supportive of Kanye during this time, showing their support for Kanye in the comments.

“Power of ye” one wrote.