Lauren Goodger undergoes cosmetic treatment during her ‘road of recovery’ following ‘attack’ and tragic death of her daughter

The former TOWIE star took to social media to share the results of her cosmetic treatment

Lauren Goodger has taken to Instagram to share the results of her cosmetic treatment.

The 35-year-old, former TOWIE star told her 854,000 followers that she is “finding me again”, after the tragic death of her daughter last month.

The reality television star revealed that this was her first cosmetic facial treatment in two years, saying it made her feel “pretty again”.

Goodger explained that she had the procedure done at Cosmessex Beauty Salon in Brentwood, while sharing a photo of herself in an all black comfy outfit.

Lauren shared a photo of herself at Cosmessex beauty salon in Brentwood (@laurengoodger - Instagram)

She gave birth to her daughter on 8th July 2022, but the baby unfortunately passed away after birth complications.

The reality star was also reportedly assaulted on the day of her daughter Lorena’s funeral.

Goodger continued to have a difficult month, when her ex-boyfriend Jake McLean died after his car plunged 70ft off a cliff in Turkey.

The Instagram post from the influencer preached “self-love”, after dealing with a lot of “heartache pain and trauma”.

In the Instagram caption, Lauren Goodger said: “My first post of me in a long time …. It’s a road of recovery and I am taking every bit of self love I can …

Lauren Goodger is mummy to one-year-old Larose (@laurengoodger - Instagram)

“Thank you @cosmessex Emmie for making me feel pretty again it’s been two years since I’ve had work on my face I had 2 babies back to back and had a lot of heartache pain and traumas but I am finding me again ..

“It’s going take time for my body shape to come back and my mind to stop over thinking but slowly I am on my way I had lips , nose and anti wrinkle .. “

Lauren Goodger also shared a post on her Instagram stories, where she showed off the procedures she had done.

She told her followers: “Just going to be showing off now and be cringe taking loads of selfies cos I haven’t for a very long time”.

Lauren shared last month that she had lost her baby Lorena during birth (@laurengoodger - Instagram)

Lauren Goodger also recently shared the impact the death of her daughter Lorena had had on her, saying that she was the “most beautiful healthy baby.”

During the emotional post, she said: “Lorena R.I.P 08.07.22 she was the most beautiful healthy baby I’ve ever seen just like her sister @babylarose.x

“words can’t describe as a mother losing your baby that I carried for all these months perfectly and gave birth too for my angel to be taken from me

Former Towie Star Lauren Goodger has shared her experiences with her first cosmetic surgery in two years

“There was no pregnancy or labour complications and she was fine & healthy but I am not going into detail right now just know that there was nothing wrong with her or myself she was perfect I can’t understand it she is so so beautiful Larose twin so similar..

“I am broken   I am back home from hospital Me & Charlie spent as much time with our baby girl Lorena and I haven’t said my goodbye yet

“Please can I ask photographers to respect our privacy right now as we have a lot of grieving to do and funeral organising that I just need this time & with my baby girl Larose she is my rock that’s getting me through this or I wouldn’t survive…

“I will never ever get over this but I will learn how to live everyday with Lorena in my heart she will be with me always and I will be with her again one day … My Lorena I love you so much”