Who is Nick Brown? Why has long-serving Labour MP had whip suspended - career timeline and complaint explained

Nick Brown is one of the longest serving MPs in the House Of Commons

Labour MP Nick Brown has been suspended following an investigation into a complaint.

Mr Brown is one of the longest serving MPs in the Labour Party and currently represents Newcastle-upon-Tyne East.

He said he is “cooperating fully” with the investigation.

Here we take a look at the career of Nick Brown and why he has been suspended from the Labour Party.

Who is Nick Brown?


Nicholas Hugh Brown is a Labour politician who has been an MP for Newcastle-upon-Tyne East since 1983. He is the fifth longest serving MP in the House of Commons.

Brown was born in Hawkhurst, Kent, where he attended Tunbridge Wells Grammar for Boys. He later went on to study at the University of Manchester.

Following graduation, Brown relocated to Newcastle and worked in the advertising department for Proctor and Gamble before working in a Newcastle based dry cleaning company.

From 1978 to 1983 Brown worked for the Northern Region of the General and Municipal Worker’s Union as the regions research officer and later as the legal officer. He was elected to Newcastle City Council in 1980-1984 and progressed to Parliament in 1983.

Brown became a key member of the opposition from the late 1980s to early 1990s. Brown worked on the opposition Treasury Team from 1988 to 1992 and deputised as shadow leader in the House of Commons.

After Labour’s election victory under Tony Blair in 1997, Brown was appointed as government chief whip and was made a privy councillor. Brown held this position under six different Labour leaders: these were Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Harriet Harman, Ed Milliband, Jeremy Corbyn and Keir Starmer.


Although originally from Kent, Brown is well known for his long lasting affiliation with Newcastle and is sometimes referred to as “Newcastle Brown”. Outside of parliament Brown was awarded the freedom of the city of Newcastle in 2001.

Who are the longest serving MPs in the House of Commons?

Nick Brown has served as an MP in the House of Commons for 39 years. Here is a list of the longest serving MPs.

  1. Sir Peter Bottomley: Conservative - elected in June 1975
  2. Barry Sheerman: Labour - elected in May 1979
  3. Harriet Harman: Labour - elected in October 1982
  4. Sir Edward Leigh: Conservative - elected in June 1983
  5. Nick Brown:  Independent(formerly Labour) elected in June 1983

Why has Nick Brown been suspended?


Nick Brown has been suspended from the Labour Party following an investigation into a complaint.

His suspension from the party membership will lead to the automatic precautionary suspension in accordance with the party rules.

The Labour Party recently adopted a new complaints process which was set up in the aftermath of the controversy surrounding anti-Semitism allegations.

The Newcastle upon Tyne East MP has revealed that he doesn’t know the nature of the complaint but has agreed to cooperate with the investigation.