Tommy Fury seen throwing punches in topless ‘play fight’ with brother at 4am in Greater Manchester

The boxer was seen throwing punches at a friend and his brother during a fight in Altrincham

Tommy Fury was spotted in a topless fight with his brother to the surprise of bystanders.

The Love Island star, 23, was seen throwing punches at his brother and a friend at a bus stop, earlier this month in Altrincham.

An onlooker, who filmed the scene in the early hours of August 17, claims they heard Tommy shouting at his brother before throwing the punches.

In the exclusive video from The Sun, the boxer is seen throwing punches at his brother and a friend

In an exclusive video released by The Sun, Tommy Fury is seen topless and wearing a black pair of shorts as he starts punching his brother.

The source told The Sun: “We were going on holiday and our friend was picking us up at around 4am.

"After we put our bags in the boot we were about to drive off and then we saw Tommy topless.

"He was shouting at his brother and that’s what made us notice him.”

Fury is seen in the video pushing his friend, then throwing a punch before holding his fists up over his face.

The boxer then pauses and holds out his hands as though he is stopping, before ushering his brother back over to him.

Tommy met his girlfriend Molly Mae on the 2019 series of Love Island (@mollymae - Instagram)

In a later clip from the video, Tommy is seen throwing more punches towards his brother, while striking the friend who is standing between them.

A friend of Fury is seen standing between the two fighting brothers in an attempt to stop Tommy from throwing punches.

The Mirror has reported that a source told them: “The incident was nothing more than a play fight.”

They added: "They weren’t in a row and were just messing around – he’s close to his brother and Tommy can fight – if he meant it, you’d see it in the video."

Tommy Fury has been spotted in a topless 4am brawl with his brother

Tommy Fury was reportedly on a night out in Greater Manchester just days before he called out Jake Paul for a third time.

Fury promised to fight the YouTube star in October, with the pair being booked to fight each other twice in the last nine months.

Both fight dates fell through, with Fury pulling out of the first event due to injury.

Tommy Fury then missed the second fight date at Madison Square Garden earlier this summer, after struggling to enter the country due to visa issues.

Fury has still not given up on the idea of fighting Jake Paul and has taken to Instagram to challenge the YouTube star once again.

Tommy has called out Jake Paul on social media in an attempt to fight the YouTuber for the third time

He said: "A certain somebody can’t keep my name out their mouth.

"He’s got me in his Instagram bio, he’s doing tweets about me and he’s even put Amanda Serrano on the Joe Joyce and Joe Parker bill next month in Manchester knowing full well that I’ll be there.

"I see he’s put out there that he’ll be fighting in October at 185lbs.

"I’ve already been training. I am f***ing ready for October, 185lbs is my fighting weight.

"If you want this dust settled once and for all, get yourself over here and let’s get it on.

"There’s no excuses here, no one’s afraid to fight you. Get in touch, you pick the date, the venue, I’m not bothered.

"Let’s get this on."