Heatwave UK: how to stay cool in the heatwave - what should you wear to stay cool on a hot summer night?

A few simple tips can help you get a good night's sleep during a heatwave.A few simple tips can help you get a good night's sleep during a heatwave.
A few simple tips can help you get a good night's sleep during a heatwave.

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The silk, linen and cotton nightwear that will keep you cool as temperatures hit almost 40 degrees

The record for the hottest temperature in the UK measured at 38.7C in 2019 is expected to be broken this summer, according to forecasts.

Experts have begun sharing their advice for how to avoid tossing and turning at night during the heatwave - while also warning that shorter summer nights could give the body fewer natural cues to switch off.

“Sleeping in the heat can be a real nightmare, we are constantly throwing off the duvet, twisting and turning and trying to find the “cool” side of the pillow, all of which affects the quality of the sleep we get,” Silentnight Sleep Expert Hannah Shore said.

“If you have difficulty sleeping during the warmer months, you should consider having a different duvet for summer and winter. Your summer duvet should be a lightweight duvet, and if you’re still too warm to sleep, this can be swapped for a sheet.

“You should also ensure your bedding is made from breathable fibres. Natural fibres are good at temperature regulating however, some people find these materials a little heavy. If that’s you, opt for polyester, as these will offer you a breathable sleeping environment but will not be as heavy.”

Hannah explained that sounds such as rainfall or bird song have a lack of rhythm which encourages the brain to relax, while scents like lavender can help to relieve anxiety and create a stress relieving environment for sleep.

She said blackout blinds can improve the quality of sleep as they prevent light disturbance and being out in nature during the day has been shown to improve overall mood, which helps us to fall asleep easier.

Hannah added: “Sleep is a huge contributing factor to living a healthy, happy life. Making sure your sleep environment is beneficial to your own sleep preferences is essential, but adding an element of nature to your bedroom is a great way to incorporate a sense of relaxation, and help the mind switch off every night.

“Whether you add a selection of plants to the bedroom, or simply making sure you are getting outside for at least fifteen minutes a day, nature holds the key to a great sleeping pattern.”

Having transformed your bedroom into a tranquil space to sleep, it’s important to consider the material of the clothes you wear to bed.

Rather than sleeping naked, which can make you feel warmer as sweat collects on the body, try these nightwear items made from natural fibres that regulate body temperature.


This shorts pyjama set from Jigsaw, which is available on the M&S website, has been designed with comfort in mind. Made from lightweight fabric, it has a relaxed fit to ensure that you can move freely along with a drawstring waist for easy adjusting.

The simple white design with contrasting piping gives a classic look. M&S debuted the set in sizes XS to XL, however pieces are selling out quickly.


An eye mask is a cost-effective way of blocking the light out when you’re sleeping.

This design from M&S has an elasticated strap for a comfortable fit and its silk material is gentle on skin while reducing friction.


These pyjamas from Uniqlo have been made from cotton to ensure you stay cool and refreshed while sleeping.

Available in black, pink and navy, the timeless design also has pockets and a flattering open collar. The pyjamas are currently available in size XXS to XXL.

The White Company

This maxi length robe looks elegant in both ivory and navy. It has a belt that can be cinched for a flattering silhouette, as well as the simple design is easy to pair with any pyjamas or nightdress.

Made from silk, the robe has a cool finish and its natural properties boast of being able to retain the moisture of skin and hair.

John Lewis

This striped nightshirt from John Lewis is made from 100% silk for a cool and relaxing night’s sleep.

In addition to the breathable material, the button front design is a classic style that will look stylish for years to come. It has a loose fit for comfort and is available in sizes small to large.


This top and shorts set from H&M is available in pink and blue in sizes XS to XL. Made from 100% cotton, it’s guaranteed to help you stay cool when trying to sleep even on the hottest nights.

It has a quirky smiley face print for a playful look.


This beautiful silk top by Intimissimi has adjustable straps for comfort, while its lace inserts and v-neckline deliver a flattering and feminine look.

It is currently available in four colours in size S to L. It can be matched with coordinating shorts for £45 or clashed with shorts of a different style.

This Is Silk

This Is Silk is an award-winning brand with a reputation for the quality of their silk items. This eye mask and pillowcase set is currently on sale reduced from £77.

The limited edition set has a sleek marble pattern, while boasting that the material is delicate on skin and doesn’t leave creases on your face when you sleep.


Versace has an impressive selection of slippers made from cotton listed on Amara. This pair has the Italian brand’s signature Medusa Amplified design with striking white and gold tones.

They are slip-on for easy wear and would pair perfectly with an ivory nightwear set.

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