Jeffrey Dahmer: TikTok polaroid challenge explained, and why is serial killer trending

The Jeffrey Dahmer polaroid challenge has gone viral on TikTok, following the release of Netflix’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

TikTok users have been urged not to take part in the Jeffrery Dahmer Polaroid challenge, which has gone viral in the wake of Netflix’s series about the serial killer.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story quickly became the number one most watched series on Netflix when it premiered last month.

The crime drama which explores the murders of serial killer Jeffrery Dahmer, who targeted predominantly black victims, has sparked a horrific social media trend.

A TikTok trend surrounding Jeffrey Dahmer’s graphic polaroids has gone viral on the social media platform

TikTok has come under fire for allowing the trend which involves reacting to the graphic photographs taken by Dahmer.

This isn’t the only controversy associated with the new light given to the serial killer as Netflix has been called out for “re-traumatising” relatives of Dahmer’s victims.

Families who lost loved ones have come forward claiming that the show was made without their consent.

Evan Peters, who plays the serial killer has been praised for his performance, but many worry that his depiction glorifies Jeffrery Dahmer and makes people romanticise the murderer.

The Jeffrey Dahmer poloaroid challenge has gone viral on TikTok

Now the Netflix crime drama has sparked more controversy by inspiring a shocking new TikTok challenge.

The series showed how Jeffrery Dahmer dismembered his victims and took graphic photos of their body parts.

The polaroids of body parts in sexual poses eventually led to the serial killers arrest in 1992.

Victim Tracy Edwards escaped from Jeffrery Dahmer’s apartment in 1991 and alerted the police to the murderer.

The police then investigated his apartment and found the horrific polaroids in a drawer in Jeffrery Dahmer’s bedroom.

What is the Jeffrey Dahmer TikTok challenge?

Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer in Netflix’s Dahmer. Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (Pic: SER BAFFO/NETFLIX)

An awful trend has been circulating on social media site TikTok following the release of the hit Netflix series.

Users on the platform are searching for photos of the graphic polaroids online and posting their reactions to the images.

This TikTok trend has led to multiple users calling out creators who have been using photos of Dahmer’s victims as content.

Many have also questioned why the graphic polaroid photos taken by Jeffrery Dahmer are available online and accessible by the public.

Evan Peters in Dahmer

People have been tweeting their thoughts on the TikTok trend, with one user saying: “only tiktok would make it a trend to look at and post a reaction to looking at the jeffrey dahmer polaroids”

Another wrote: “People on tiktok are upset because they couldn’t find the Polaroids Dahmer took of his victims???? What tf is wrong with people? I’m actually sick to my stomach right now.”

A third added: “someone just posted the actual Polaroids that Jeffery Dahmer took of his victims as a “joke” like wtf is wrong with y’all “

Dahmer’s graphic polaroid photos have not been removed from online andTikTok is yet to comment on the challenge on their platform.